The Supporting Cast – Jasmine Ruiz

I first heard the word, Blaxican, used in a conversation among my daughter’s middle school friends. Their new friend had met only my husband and assumed that he was Mexican. Here’s the conversation:

New Friend to my daughter: I thought you were Mexican like me.

Old Friend to new friend: No, she’s Blaxican like me.

Daughter to both friends: No, my dad’s just White.

All: Ohhhh

I thought the whole thing was very funny and filed the word away for use at another time.

As I was outlining characters for my current WIP, I saw a chance to use it. Jasmine Ruiz became the twenty-year old niece of the heroine, Grace Anderson.

Grace describes her niece as having an impudent mouth that most mothers would slap. Jasmine’s character acts as an impetus for Grace’s internal dialogue bringing up questions that Grace would rather not answer. Jasmine also serves an example to the reader of a self-assured bi-racial woman who has embraced both sides of her ancestry with pride.

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Calendar Girl To Be Released On 04/20/2012!

My first work published by an e-publisher will be released on April 20, 2012.

Calendar Girl began with the simple idea of a small town girl in the big city.  Nia, the heroine of this tale, reminds me a lot of myself. I am from Mississippi and attended Catholic schools through my senior year in high school. My world was very small.

My arrival  in New Orleans as an eighteen year old college freshman with no parental controls led me down some treacherous paths. To say I went buck wild would be an understatement. I danced on tables and went home with foreign boys who spoke everything from French to Russian to Greek to Tagalog (are you looking that one up?).

Sweet Nia is not quite as adventurous as I was in my younger days, but she has the help of the hero of this tale, Connor McIntyre, to help her along the way. I like Connor because he reminds me of the guys I dated in college – self-assured and a tad entitled. He just can’t figure out why Nia isn’t falling at his feet.

I will remind you when this publication is available and hope that you enjoy Calendar Girl.

Click here for a link of upcoming titles from Amira Press.

Falling Out Of Love

As a writer, what do you do when you fall out of love with your characters and their story?

I thought William, Lorie and I had a pretty good start. I could see Lorie with her curly light brown hair and thick island accent flirting with every man that she met and loving every minute of it. Then there was William – a brawny detective with a dark olive complexion and an intent practiced stare developed from years on the job.

They met and fell into bed…eh

Who’s fault is this? I blame them for not waiting. Restraint, people. It’s not just for BDSM works.

So what do I do now? Throw away three weeks of writing time and file the pages away? Or do I prolong our break-up and finish the story?


In The Moment – Amber and Kevin’s Story

In an effort to develop the characters of Amber Grayson and Kevin Miller, I wrote a flash fiction piece of just under two thousand words called Rainy Day Surprise and published it as a free read on Smashwords. To my own surprise, readers liked it.

Now after a few weeks, the original longer short story is complete. In The Moment recounts Amber and Kevin’s first few months together. We meet Amber, an often times pushy office manager, and Kevin, a carefree renovator.

Amber and Kevin are two of my favorite characters. In and out of bed, they enjoy spending time together and having fun. I can see them one day as the old couple on the park bench holding hands and smiling.

In The Moment is free for a limited time on Smashwords with coupon code - WF47K

Daisa’s Adonis

Daisa’s Adonis is my latest flash fiction piece.  I wrote this over the weekend while procrastinating about edits, cleaning and packing up my house.  I like the character of Daisa and think that I am filing her away for a longer piece.

I purchased the cover photo from a website and think that for the first time, my work looks like a real book. Very excited about that.

The model looks like she is nude in a garden. This is fitting because Adonis was the god of Beauty and vegetation (of all things!).

Here’s the cover:

Daisa's Adonis Cover Art

Six Sentence Sunday #2 – Amber Meets Her Cowboy

I will self-publish Amber Meets Her Cowboy, an interracial sensual romance, next week.  I got a few emails from readers who wanted to know more about the couple from Rainy Day Surprise.  The new story will probably end up between 5800 and 6000 words and focus on how Amber and Kevin met.


Amber Grayson is an office manager for a law firm.  She is chosen to act as project manager for the senior attorney’s art and music education foundation.  The first order of business is to oversee the renovation of the foundation’s headquarters – a turn of the century estate near downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Kevin Miller is the owner of Another Time, a renovation company that specializes in renovating period buildings with a modern twist.   He reminds Amber of a cowboy without the hat.

This Scene

Amber and Kevin are on the balcony of his hotel suite  for their second date, after sharing a kiss in the afternoon that went further than Amber thought was appropriate.

Kevin attacked her neck with the same veracity, sucking and biting his way down to the valley between her breasts. He slipped the strap of her dress down until her breast was exposed. He raised his head up and watched his hand cup her breast and his fingers curl around to pinch her nipple. Amber gasped. “Kevin we’re outside.” 

“No one can see, Sweetpea. And if you’re quiet, no one will know what I’m doing to you.”

Second Round of Edits and Other Ramblings

I just completed my second of round of edits for my first publication.  I am very excited and so far the experience has been wonderful!

I am now starting (maybe too late) to think about marketing.  What will I do to get people to read this book?  There are so many options and my head is spinning.  I’m planning to take a couple of hours this weekend to work on my marketing plan.  Of course, like my writing, it will have to be squished between laundry, cleaning and errands for the kids.  Not to mention to the fact that I will be moving soon. Arghh!

And speaking of writing…

I have received feedback from my readers about my mystery novella and have changes to make before it is sent to an editor.  I am finishing the first draft of another I/R romance and thought of a scene that needs to be added prior to Chapter 5 .

In short, I will be busy this weekend.  I will prepare with one of my favorite meals – Chik-fil-A fried chicken sandwich and a glass of Concha y Toro Sauvignon Blanc.

A character in one of books should drink that and maybe they’ll send me a few bottles. 

Six Sentence Sunday #1 – Untitled Novella

This piece is from my current untitled WIP.

Set-up: Detective William Rossi has always followed procedure until he meets Lorie Tomas.  Even though Lorie is questioned in the murder of her ex-boyfriend, William can’t help spending the night with the beautiful islander attracted to her sultry accent and copper complexion.  In this scene, Lorie asks William if he had ever slept with a Black woman before her.

Six Sentences:

“Are you asking because you would be turned on that you were my first and now every other Black woman that I sleep with will be judged against you?” The color in his cheeks had died down and his blue-gray eyes held her gaze.

Lorie’s voice caught in her throat momentarily lost in his intense stare. “William, silly boy, after last night you will judge every woman against me.”

He hadn’t blushed this time. “My memory of last night is fading, Lorie.”

Comments from Reader – Rainy Day Surprise

Rainy Day Surprise is a flash fiction piece that I wrote as character development for a longer work. I thought it was pretty good as a stand alone and published it on Smashwords as a freebie. I was very excited today, to get an email from a reader:

 …Kudos, for making them interesting in a such a short time.  Really! I want to know more about them.
And, the smut was a perfect balance.  It is what people really do behind closed doors when they are not officially freaks, but are passionate.  That’s the word for it: passionate!

Goal accomplished.  I see Amber and Kevin as two people who don’t get to spend much time together. But when they do, they make memories!

Rainy Day Surprise Cover

Word Count – Untitled

I am working on a new piece with a projected word count of 25, 000 words.  This week I completed over 5200 words for a total of 8968 words.  I am currently at 39.5% of my goal.  I’m a  little worried because I am already in the middle of what is ACT II (since I have a background in play writing, I still think in those terms).

One of my problems is that I am used to writing succinctly so I don’t give myself the opportunity to fully describe settings and people. I’ll just have to overcome that.

Back to writing and hopefully next week, I’ll at least be at 50% of my goal.