Six Sentence Sunday #1 – Untitled Novella

This piece is from my current untitled WIP.

Set-up: Detective William Rossi has always followed procedure until he meets Lorie Tomas.  Even though Lorie is questioned in the murder of her ex-boyfriend, William can’t help spending the night with the beautiful islander attracted to her sultry accent and copper complexion.  In this scene, Lorie asks William if he had ever slept with a Black woman before her.

Six Sentences:

“Are you asking because you would be turned on that you were my first and now every other Black woman that I sleep with will be judged against you?” The color in his cheeks had died down and his blue-gray eyes held her gaze.

Lorie’s voice caught in her throat momentarily lost in his intense stare. “William, silly boy, after last night you will judge every woman against me.”

He hadn’t blushed this time. “My memory of last night is fading, Lorie.”

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