Second Round of Edits and Other Ramblings

I just completed my second of round of edits for my first publication.  I am very excited and so far the experience has been wonderful!

I am now starting (maybe too late) to think about marketing.  What will I do to get people to read this book?  There are so many options and my head is spinning.  I’m planning to take a couple of hours this weekend to work on my marketing plan.  Of course, like my writing, it will have to be squished between laundry, cleaning and errands for the kids.  Not to mention to the fact that I will be moving soon. Arghh!

And speaking of writing…

I have received feedback from my readers about my mystery novella and have changes to make before it is sent to an editor.  I am finishing the first draft of another I/R romance and thought of a scene that needs to be added prior to Chapter 5 .

In short, I will be busy this weekend.  I will prepare with one of my favorite meals – Chik-fil-A fried chicken sandwich and a glass of Concha y Toro Sauvignon Blanc.

A character in one of books should drink that and maybe they’ll send me a few bottles. 

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