Six Sentence Sunday #2 – Amber Meets Her Cowboy

I will self-publish Amber Meets Her Cowboy, an interracial sensual romance, next week.  I got a few emails from readers who wanted to know more about the couple from Rainy Day Surprise.  The new story will probably end up between 5800 and 6000 words and focus on how Amber and Kevin met.


Amber Grayson is an office manager for a law firm.  She is chosen to act as project manager for the senior attorney’s art and music education foundation.  The first order of business is to oversee the renovation of the foundation’s headquarters – a turn of the century estate near downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Kevin Miller is the owner of Another Time, a renovation company that specializes in renovating period buildings with a modern twist.   He reminds Amber of a cowboy without the hat.

This Scene

Amber and Kevin are on the balcony of his hotel suite  for their second date, after sharing a kiss in the afternoon that went further than Amber thought was appropriate.

Kevin attacked her neck with the same veracity, sucking and biting his way down to the valley between her breasts. He slipped the strap of her dress down until her breast was exposed. He raised his head up and watched his hand cup her breast and his fingers curl around to pinch her nipple. Amber gasped. “Kevin we’re outside.” 

“No one can see, Sweetpea. And if you’re quiet, no one will know what I’m doing to you.”

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