Calendar Girl To Be Released On 04/20/2012!

My first work published by an e-publisher will be released on April 20, 2012.

Calendar Girl began with the simple idea of a small town girl in the big city.  Nia, the heroine of this tale, reminds me a lot of myself. I am from Mississippi and attended Catholic schools through my senior year in high school. My world was very small.

My arrival  in New Orleans as an eighteen year old college freshman with no parental controls led me down some treacherous paths. To say I went buck wild would be an understatement. I danced on tables and went home with foreign boys who spoke everything from French to Russian to Greek to Tagalog (are you looking that one up?).

Sweet Nia is not quite as adventurous as I was in my younger days, but she has the help of the hero of this tale, Connor McIntyre, to help her along the way. I like Connor because he reminds me of the guys I dated in college – self-assured and a tad entitled. He just can’t figure out why Nia isn’t falling at his feet.

I will remind you when this publication is available and hope that you enjoy Calendar Girl.

Click here for a link of upcoming titles from Amira Press.

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