The Supporting Cast – Jasmine Ruiz

I first heard the word, Blaxican, used in a conversation among my daughter’s middle school friends. Their new friend had met only my husband and assumed that he was Mexican. Here’s the conversation:

New Friend to my daughter: I thought you were Mexican like me.

Old Friend to new friend: No, she’s Blaxican like me.

Daughter to both friends: No, my dad’s just White.

All: Ohhhh

I thought the whole thing was very funny and filed the word away for use at another time.

As I was outlining characters for my current WIP, I saw a chance to use it. Jasmine Ruiz became the twenty-year old niece of the heroine, Grace Anderson.

Grace describes her niece as having an impudent mouth that most mothers would slap.¬†Jasmine’s character acts as an impetus for Grace’s internal dialogue bringing up questions that Grace would rather not answer. Jasmine also serves an example to the reader of a self-assured bi-racial woman who has embraced both sides of her ancestry with pride.

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