Sunday Snippet #3 – After Party



Cover for After Party

Like many new parents, Daniel and Leslie Weir are struggling to find their rhythm again. The demands of work and responsibilities of child rearing have put a damper on the Weir’s sex life.

Leslie begins a game of keep away to spice up their night alone.

Snippet from After Party

He growled, “Leslie, damn it! I don’t want to play.”

She darted into the darkened dining room, throwing chairs in the path of his heavy footsteps. Standing at the head of the table farthest from his position at the door, Leslie posed over the table mimicking the busty girls in the porno movies she wasn’t supposed to know he watched. A biting gnawing had started between her legs and she didn’t know how much longer she could resist the brick wall of a man that followed her.

Daniel flipped on the light and leaned against the door jamb, unbuttoning his shirt. “How you gonna get out?” He quipped in an amused tone.

A reddish tint colored the angled features of his lightly tanned face. He was turned on and didn’t seem to mind playing now. Leslie smile broadly.

It was her turn to watch his slow, deliberate movements as he removed his shirt revealing his thick upper body. No tapered waist for her baby, Daniel was a solid columnar mass.

After Party is available as a free download on Smashwords. Check it out and let me know what you think!

After Party – New Sensual Short

Proposed Cover - After Party


I have chosen this photo for the cover for my latest sensual short that will be available on Smashwords this weekend.  After Party is just under 2000 words and tells the story of Daniel and Leslie – a busy working couple with an eight month old son.

Not much passion in that coupling or too close to home to be considered a flight of fantasy?

I hope not. As a working married mom to three kids, I hope that passion and romance have not passed me by. Once the happy-ever-after ending has occurred in a romance novel, is the heroine then doomed to a life of drudgery?

I am proclaiming loudly that this is not the case.  The main characters in my short stories have already overcome their internal and external conflicts, fallen in love and begun their shared lives together. Their desire for each other shouldn’t end with the last page of the romance novel.

My intent with these shorts is to entice couples to remember when their desire was fresh and act on it!

Happy Remembering!

Snippet Sunday #2

The short stories that I write are character development pieces and are all parts of larger works in progress (or near progress). Daisa’s Adonis is about Daisa, a collegiate athletic trainer, and Max, an account executive for a national basketball team.

The idea for Max and Daisa’s story was sparked during a conversation with a friend. She is Hispanic and her husband is Black. Her parents didn’t speak to her for three years because of her marriage. Only a few cousins and her sisters dared to attend her wedding. It was only after the birth of her first child that her parents began to rebuild their relationship with her and her new family.

The flash fiction piece which led to the holiday themed novellla (out later this year) began with this idea in mind:

Daisa's Adonis Cover Art

Daisa stopped herself from clapping her hands together as Max rushed into the apartment. He looked as if he had just stepped off the pages of a magazine. He was the All-American boy next door complete with dark blond hair and deep blue eyes. To top it off, he had dimple in his chin that deepened when he smiled. Just looking at him made her tingle.

He ran around the kitchen putting things away in a fury before dropping down on the sofa next to her obviously out of breath.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, sweetheart.”

She reached up to brush the stray strands of hair away from his face. He looked worried and her heart sank. “What’s wrong, baby?” She already knew the cause of the frown lines creasing his forehead.

Max’s parents didn’t approve of her. They had pictured their son with a woman more like them, not the working class Black woman who arrived alone at their annual New Year’s Ball at the university and left with their precious Max’s heart. She couldn’t blame them, what could be worse than losing Max?

20 April 2012 – The Day

Calendar Girl Cover

Today is the day! Calendar Girl was officially released by Amira Press at 7:00 AM CST. Yes, I was watching the clock tick over on my computer when the website was updated.

While I have interviews scheduled over the next few weeks to talk about the book and my writing, I wanted to take a few moments right now to mark this occasion – my first published work!

I tell my kids that nothing should stop you from dreaming dreams. I’m glad I finally took my own advice, even if it took me twenty years to do it.

Calendar Girl is available now from the Amira Press website.

Snippet Sunday #1 – The Drive Home

The Drive Home is a flash fiction piece available for free on Smashwords. This is one of my first pieces and I am in the development stages of a novella length work for these two. After reading Private Acts by Delaney Diamond, I’m wondering if I can pull off a Costa Rican meeting!

In this snippet, Cyril has had to pull the car to the side of a mountain road during a thunderstorm after a disastrous dinner party at the home of a co-worker.

The car swung dangerously close to a guard rail; she screamed.

Cyril swiftly regained control and slowed the car to a stop alongside the road. He banged the steering wheel with his fists.  “We can go back.”

“Just wait until it stops”, she sighed heavily and dropped her head into her hand. She had no desire to return to his co-worker’s mountain retreat. 

Tamara had long suspected that the junior attorney in Cyril’s office had more than a professional interest in him.  The two of them spent nine to ten hours a day together either preparing for a case or arguing one in court. And yet the woman could find a reason to call him almost nightly.  

She glanced over at him.  “Turn on the hazard lights.”

“I know that”, he snapped and smashed the offending button down with his thumb.    

For a moment, a flash of lightening illuminated him against the window. His jaw was clenched shut, accentuating the strong angular line of his face. His dampened black hair hung over his more cream than coffee complexion in small waves.  She fought the urge to smooth down the errant locks and rolled her eyes away.

“I think you know you overreacted back there.”

What the fuck are you doing? Perhaps not the most eloquent phrasing, but her point had been made. “And what would you have said if you walked into a room and found some guy’s hand on my ass?” She cut her eyes in his direction.

“You know men still want to rub up against me.” She jerked open the glove compartment, rifling through Cyril’s straps of paper and parking tickets until she found a hair band. She wound her hair into a tight ponytail feeling the once straight hair beginning to shrink into tight spirals “You don’t think I get propositioned? I mean what was I supposed to do?”

“I expect you to trust me to handle the situation.” She hated when he used his well practiced calming tone on her.

“Ugh”, she groaned and flipped the mirror down. Her mascara was still holding her thick lashes in place, but the color of the lipstick had faded leaving only a glossy shine. She hoped that she had looked better than this when she had confronted the brazen brunette.

Her brown eyes flashed against her dark cocoa skin. “And exactly when were you going to handle it? When she was sucking your dick?”  She slung the words at him.

He winced as if struck, his head tilting to the side. She returned to her reflection satisfied that she had shocked him. He needed to know that she wasn’t always going to be mild mannered. She readjusted the ponytail.

His touch was so light and quick that his palm had already brushed her lips and his fingertips had trailed down her neck to tug at strap of her dress before she realized he had moved. “Senora Rodriguez, you have a filthy mouth tonight.” He lowered his voice deep in his throat.

“Don’t”, she said without conviction, twisting away from him. “I’m mad at you.”  Tamara stiffened her body and crossed her legs trying to smolder the tiny flame that had flickered to life.

“Have you ever had sex in a car?” He unsnapped his seat belt.

Seven Days Until Calendar Girl Is Released

Next Friday, I will be sitting at my writing table at this same time and Calendar Girl will have been released. I am on pins and needles!

Instead of rereading the final draft and questioning every scene and sentence, I am going to:

Second Draft of WIP: I have reread my first draft. My heroine is too passive and I want her to have more spunk. The hero’s mother only appears in one scene but I feel that she has more to say and to add to the story. And lastly, my hero has a name…I’m pretty sure.

Updating Facebook: I will learn how to use FB. If you like my page and I don’t like you back, it’s because I forgot how I did it for the last person! Bear with me.

Taking photos for upcoming interview: I have an interview that will be published on April 30, 2012 and don’t have a photo that I like. When I did the interview at Alexandria Infante’s Poisoned website, I had to use my Christmas photo from two years ago.  I want something current.

Hopefully this is enough to fill one evening and I’ll have to find something to do for the next six nights!

First Draft of WIP Complete

After working for the last few weeks on my next piece, it is finally complete. I should say that the shell is done.

Writing has been erratic over the last few days with storms raging through North Texas and Spring sickness spreading through our household. However I was able to complete a good first draft of over 17,000 words. I’m happy about that.

Things I’m not happy about:

The hero – He doesn’t have a name.  I know this sounds crazy but as I began to write the story, I realized that Evan Reynolds was not my trumpeter. Over the last few days, I have researched baby names, read through census records and even picked up a family history of founding families of Dallas County, Texas. Nothing is helping.

Time constraints – It is the busy season at my day job and I can’t sneak in marketing time at work so I am forced to cut down on writing time to accommodate my job’s insistence that I actually work at work. The nerve!

Research – This new work is about a working musician. Before I start editing and rewriting, I have a lot of fact checking to do. I need to know about festivals, recording studios, instruments and voice lessons. For a man who won’t tell me his name, he sure is asking a lot.

I’m taking advantage of this rainy afternoon to read authors who have done their research, marketed well and named their heroes.

First Review of In The Moment

I’ve had my first ever review and I am so grateful that she didn’t hate it.

I suffer from writer’s anxiety and question myself constantly about why I would ever have written what I have written.  Though I don’t normally take medications for anything, I would gladly welcome whatever pill or shot was available to overcome the feeling that I shouldn’t have published that.

Here is her review of In The Moment:

The overall feel is gently southern and elegantly hot. While some of the scene transitions are a bit awkward, the story is sweet and the characters are well-developed. A nice, fun read!

This is a review that actually helps me as a writer. In my current work, I will continue to focus on character development and pay special attention to the transitions between scenes.  As I’ve written before, going from writing articles which require concise statements with little to no embellishments to works of fiction meant to entice the reader has been a difficult transition for me.

One thing that made me smile about the review was the phrasing – gently southern. Luckily, I have friends from all over the country and have learned that there are specific interactions that take place in Southern culture that are foreign to those outside of our culture. For example, the South is a place where “Bless her heart” can at times be translated to “F@ck that b$tch and her mama!”

This being said, when Amber refuses to let Kevin shower with her after a night where he has touched and licked every inch of her body is perfectly understandable. After all, Amber is a Southern lady at heart and holds her bathing as a solitary experience. This is her time to prepare herself for her lover. There is a mystery that needs to be maintained.

A special thanks to Fierce Dolan who reviewed In The Moment!

A Naughty Reader’s Boudoir

I had an opportunity to share a little about me and my writing at A Naughty Reader’s Boudoir. This was a great experience and really made me smile.

I like that there are horses attached to my interview because Kevin Miller, the hero of In The Moment, owns a ranch and the other love of his life is La Contessa di Firenze (only he is allowed to call her Tessie), is his thoroughbred mare . Kevin Miller is one of my favorite characters because he truly is a guy that you could meet walking down the street.

Check out A Naughty Reader’s Boudoir for reviews of other authors or just to look at the great cover art!