First Draft of WIP Complete

After working for the last few weeks on my next piece, it is finally complete. I should say that the shell is done.

Writing has been erratic over the last few days with storms raging through North Texas and Spring sickness spreading through our household. However I was able to complete a good first draft of over 17,000 words. I’m happy about that.

Things I’m not happy about:

The hero – He doesn’t have a name.  I know this sounds crazy but as I began to write the story, I realized that Evan Reynolds was not my trumpeter. Over the last few days, I have researched baby names, read through census records and even picked up a family history of founding families of Dallas County, Texas. Nothing is helping.

Time constraints – It is the busy season at my day job and I can’t sneak in marketing time at work so I am forced to cut down on writing time to accommodate my job’s insistence that I actually work at work. The nerve!

Research – This new work is about a working musician. Before I start editing and rewriting, I have a lot of fact checking to do. I need to know about festivals, recording studios, instruments and voice lessons. For a man who won’t tell me his name, he sure is asking a lot.

I’m taking advantage of this rainy afternoon to read authors who have done their research, marketed well and named their heroes.

2 thoughts on “First Draft of WIP Complete

  1. Very nice post, and congrats on completing that first draft. Writing has been erratic on this side of the Atlantic too, so hats off to you. Regarding your hero’s name, do you get a sense that he has a name that starts with an E. Sometimes I do random wiki checks on actual people (mostly celebrities). you might spot an odd/interesting middle name that jumps out at you. Good luck!

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