Snippet Sunday #1 – The Drive Home

The Drive Home is a flash fiction piece available for free on Smashwords. This is one of my first pieces and I am in the development stages of a novella length work for these two. After reading Private Acts by Delaney Diamond, I’m wondering if I can pull off a Costa Rican meeting!

In this snippet, Cyril has had to pull the car to the side of a mountain road during a thunderstorm after a disastrous dinner party at the home of a co-worker.

The car swung dangerously close to a guard rail; she screamed.

Cyril swiftly regained control and slowed the car to a stop alongside the road. He banged the steering wheel with his fists.  “We can go back.”

“Just wait until it stops”, she sighed heavily and dropped her head into her hand. She had no desire to return to his co-worker’s mountain retreat. 

Tamara had long suspected that the junior attorney in Cyril’s office had more than a professional interest in him.  The two of them spent nine to ten hours a day together either preparing for a case or arguing one in court. And yet the woman could find a reason to call him almost nightly.  

She glanced over at him.  “Turn on the hazard lights.”

“I know that”, he snapped and smashed the offending button down with his thumb.    

For a moment, a flash of lightening illuminated him against the window. His jaw was clenched shut, accentuating the strong angular line of his face. His dampened black hair hung over his more cream than coffee complexion in small waves.  She fought the urge to smooth down the errant locks and rolled her eyes away.

“I think you know you overreacted back there.”

What the fuck are you doing? Perhaps not the most eloquent phrasing, but her point had been made. “And what would you have said if you walked into a room and found some guy’s hand on my ass?” She cut her eyes in his direction.

“You know men still want to rub up against me.” She jerked open the glove compartment, rifling through Cyril’s straps of paper and parking tickets until she found a hair band. She wound her hair into a tight ponytail feeling the once straight hair beginning to shrink into tight spirals “You don’t think I get propositioned? I mean what was I supposed to do?”

“I expect you to trust me to handle the situation.” She hated when he used his well practiced calming tone on her.

“Ugh”, she groaned and flipped the mirror down. Her mascara was still holding her thick lashes in place, but the color of the lipstick had faded leaving only a glossy shine. She hoped that she had looked better than this when she had confronted the brazen brunette.

Her brown eyes flashed against her dark cocoa skin. “And exactly when were you going to handle it? When she was sucking your dick?”  She slung the words at him.

He winced as if struck, his head tilting to the side. She returned to her reflection satisfied that she had shocked him. He needed to know that she wasn’t always going to be mild mannered. She readjusted the ponytail.

His touch was so light and quick that his palm had already brushed her lips and his fingertips had trailed down her neck to tug at strap of her dress before she realized he had moved. “Senora Rodriguez, you have a filthy mouth tonight.” He lowered his voice deep in his throat.

“Don’t”, she said without conviction, twisting away from him. “I’m mad at you.”  Tamara stiffened her body and crossed her legs trying to smolder the tiny flame that had flickered to life.

“Have you ever had sex in a car?” He unsnapped his seat belt.

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