Snippet Sunday #2

The short stories that I write are character development pieces and are all parts of larger works in progress (or near progress). Daisa’s Adonis is about Daisa, a collegiate athletic trainer, and Max, an account executive for a national basketball team.

The idea for Max and Daisa’s story was sparked during a conversation with a friend. She is Hispanic and her husband is Black. Her parents didn’t speak to her for three years because of her marriage. Only a few cousins and her sisters dared to attend her wedding. It was only after the birth of her first child that her parents began to rebuild their relationship with her and her new family.

The flash fiction piece which led to the holiday themed novellla (out later this year) began with this idea in mind:

Daisa's Adonis Cover Art

Daisa stopped herself from clapping her hands together as Max rushed into the apartment. He looked as if he had just stepped off the pages of a magazine. He was the All-American boy next door complete with dark blond hair and deep blue eyes. To top it off, he had dimple in his chin that deepened when he smiled. Just looking at him made her tingle.

He ran around the kitchen putting things away in a fury before dropping down on the sofa next to her obviously out of breath.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, sweetheart.”

She reached up to brush the stray strands of hair away from his face. He looked worried and her heart sank. “What’s wrong, baby?” She already knew the cause of the frown lines creasing his forehead.

Max’s parents didn’t approve of her. They had pictured their son with a woman more like them, not the working class Black woman who arrived alone at their annual New Year’s Ball at the university and left with their precious Max’s heart. She couldn’t blame them, what could be worse than losing Max?

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