After Party – New Sensual Short

Proposed Cover - After Party


I have chosen this photo for the cover for my latest sensual short that will be available on Smashwords this weekend.  After Party is just under 2000 words and tells the story of Daniel and Leslie – a busy working couple with an eight month old son.

Not much passion in that coupling or too close to home to be considered a flight of fantasy?

I hope not. As a working married mom to three kids, I hope that passion and romance have not passed me by. Once the happy-ever-after ending has occurred in a romance novel, is the heroine then doomed to a life of drudgery?

I am proclaiming loudly that this is not the case.  The main characters in my short stories have already overcome their internal and external conflicts, fallen in love and begun their shared lives together. Their desire for each other shouldn’t end with the last page of the romance novel.

My intent with these shorts is to entice couples to remember when their desire was fresh and act on it!

Happy Remembering!

2 thoughts on “After Party – New Sensual Short

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