Writing Music – Amy Winehouse

We only said good bye with words

I died a hundred times

You go back to her

And I go back to black

Need an angst filled moment, scene or chapter in your next project – listen to Amy Winehouse. Her voice and her songs are filled with deep despair and yet there is a desperate cling to hope.

Notice she said only with words. Meaningless utterances because there is something else that binds these two together for good or bad.

Are they the romance genre couple of the year? Probably not but, my favorite romances have a break-up that leaves me sad and cursing the H/h for their stupidity. How could they have thrown away something so wonderful?

I know their Happily Ever After is coming but it does nothing to lessen their pain or mine in the interim. A big thanks to those authors who write those heart wrenching boy loses girl moments now and I hope to join you soon!

Happy writing and reading!

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