Snippet Sunday #4 – Work In Progress

After a great day of rewrites, I have worked through four chapters of my current untitled work in progress. I’ve reached 21, 000 words in total with a net goal of 20,000 words. A little scary that I only have a 1000 words to spare.

The main characters:

Lena Spencer – professor of music at small private college outside of Dallas

Ethan Holden – working musician

The basic story is that Ethan is trying to win back Lena, the mother of his daughter. In this scene, Lena has agreed to meet Ethan to help him with a project and he encounters her family first. It has little to do with being hot and sexy, but I like it.

Are you looking for Auntie?” Jasmine’s eyes blazed.

He nodded and glanced toward the back of the store. “She’s helping me with something.”

“Hmmm…so nice that an ex would do that.” Marian rolled the words out of her mouth in an barely veiled sneer. Juan Carlos just shifted in his seat and grumbled.

“Well…” he started but was interrupted by Jasmine.

“Well it’s strictly professional, mama. I mean Auntie seems really interested in that guy over there.” Ethan followed Jasmine’s waggling finger to a register tucked between two aisles.

A cashier leaned across the counter and smiled broadly at Lena. She held her head in a slight downward tilt. Was she smiling too? His stomach twisted into one of those knots that had become increasingly familiar over the past few weeks.

“Oh now, he’s cute.”

“Auntie is turning into one hot little mama, isn’t she Ethan?”

“Oh, oh, oh….” Marion snapped her fingers in front of her “…what’s that word? Is it a milk?”

“No, mama it’s…

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