Sunday Snippet #5 ~ Music For Her Soul

I’m testing out titles for the piece I’m revising this week. I have been working on this for nearly three months and I can finally see the end in sight. The novella tentatively entitled Music For Her Soul is an I/R romance that centers around Lena Spencer, a music instructor at a small private college, and Ethan Holden, a working musician. We meet this couple eight months after their break-up when Ethan is trying to win back Lena’s heart.

Here’s a peek into their story that takes place toward the middle of the book:

            Ethan’s voice cut through the damp curtain of fog that had draped around her. The last drowsy hours dissipated in the warmth of his voice and she was instantly awake.

            “I’ll stop by to check on you in a little while. Do you want me to bring you anything?”

            “You don’t…”

            “See you soon.”

            She bounded out of bed with more enthusiasm than her sluggish legs could handle and toddled toward the shower. He hadn’t asked if he could drop by to see her. He was coming. And she couldn’t wait.

            After her short stint in the hospital, he had visited her at least once a day, delivering one of Stella’s famous dishes so that she wouldn’t have to cook while she recovered. Until today, his visits had ended with a quick peck on the cheek. This morning, he had kissed and lingered and brought his mouth down to hers.

            His lips had trilled a moan across hers that tingled down to her tiptoes. There was nothing comparable with kissing a skilled trumpeter. She had wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him against her, anxious for any other vibrations his body could produce.

            Their daughter’s plaintive cries had torn him from her arms. Plummeting from the heights he taken her, she had grasped the edge of the table to keep from crashing to the floor. Only the promise that he would return had sustained her throughout the day.

            Stepping out of the shower, she made sure she was ready. She chose a simple black sundress, fluffed her curls around her face and added a dab of glossy plum shine to her lips. She decided against the Becca earrings glinting on her side table. There didn’t need to be any non-essentials separating them tonight. She had been missing him for far too long.

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