Sunday Snippet #6 – Betrothed

Happy Sunday Snippet Day – my favorite day in the blogosphere! Today my snippet comes from a short story that I started when I was supposed to be outlining. It just poured out yesterday and now needs editing and revising, so here is a pretty raw snippet:

For all the fine silk and imported lace adorning the ladies attending the Dover Plantation Planter’s Ball, none had been so lovely as Abby in a cotton slip, lifting back the covers and sliding her slender body into the feather bed next to his. He brought her thin fingers to his lips; a hint of the perfume he’d brought from Paris had mixed with a day’s work of cooking in the nearly empty kitchen and settled into her skin, sweet corn and lilies. Heaven would smell like this or he wanted no part of it.

“Are you tired, Love?”

“I’m not the one who should be tired. By my count you had six dances with Miss Ellen Sommers and plenty more with others. You should be tired.” She pulled her hand away, pursing her lips and turning her face away so that wisps of light brown curls swept into her face hiding her almost green eyes.

He chuckled at her coyness. It had been a month since he had taken her to his bed. A virgin. But he had been imagining himself with her for a lifetime.

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