His Proud Inclination of the Flesh


So I got sidetracked last weekend and wrote a historical romance short story. Now that I have this piece, it is time to revise and rewrite and research.

Plantation Life during the Civil War in Mississippi: As a family historian, I have collected newspaper clippings, copies of letters to and from soldiers and copies of diary entries of plantation owners from this time. I have a fairly decent idea of the effects of the war on everyday society. I also have read many slave narratives and studied the migration patterns of former slaves to get a feel for their state of mind as well. So for the purpose of the short story, I’d thought I just need to brush up on my facts.

The Language of Love: This kinda threw me. What would you call a penis in 1865 Mississippi? Having no clue, I consulted the writing community of She Writes and was given this website – www.sex-lexis.com. A treasure trove of information! This site contains over 24,000 sexual terms and expressions some with histories. For instance because I was looking for 19th century words:

  • Proud Inclination of the Flesh: Erection, British, 19th Century
  • Gentlemen’s Appendage: Penis and I think this sounds very Southern
  • Yards of Personality: A large penis (I don’t think it fits in the story, but one day!)
  • Matrimonial Peacemaker: Penis, 19th Century

I had a lot of fun on this site, check it out if you need some new words to spice up your writing. And thanks again Diane for the link!

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