Betrothed – An Update

Inspiration for Abby Jacobs of Betrothed

Here is a very raw snippet of Betrothed, an interracial historical romance short story:

The smell of hard liquor assaulted him at once. It was barely past noon.  A few men had ventured out, locked inside for too long after the heavy rains and in need of the relief that only the dimly lit rooms could provide. Some were kissing women on the various settees throughout the parlor. Anna Belle was entertaining the rest in a card game near the bar. Bastille had begun playing his revelry. And she was nowhere in sight.

He had brought her here – to this place that had once sheltered him when his longing had become unbearable. Armed with the knowledge that he had betrayed her countless times throughout the years while she had waited patiently for him, he had brought her here. He had been a fool.

“Monsieur McDaniel, give her un moment. Hmm? A little time? She will come home. And Jacques is watching her.” Though dulled by a life in the sporting houses, the old man’s faded gray eyes still danced against his pale skin. Honoré had been a good friend over the years, drinking late into the night as he talked of Dover and Abby. Clancy took the tumbler from his hand and downed the fiery liquid, wishing to the heavens above that it would still the tumultuous beat of his heart.

Un moment. And should she not return? As a free woman of color, she was no longer bond to him.

“Another, mon ami.” He held the empty glass out to Honoré, who smiled like the sage of sporting houses.

First of all, I’m very excited about combining my love of genealogy and my love of writing.

Then there is the business aspects of this venture. I have  read a lot lately about valuing your worth. So I will have to decide the worth of this piece and that is not an easy decision.

I really like the story. I really like the characters. I’m as much in love with Clancy as Abby. So I don’t think paying less two dollars to read a novella is a lot to ask.

On the other hand, I really like this story. I want to share it with everyone. So free comes to mind.

Then there’s my hubby who says that I only sleep five hours a night when I’m writing  and I say – Yes! I will charge.

And fewer people will get to know about Clancy and Abby. So then I say – No! It will be free.

Are you seeing my turmoil? In any case, I’m editing and looking for a cover artist. If you know any cover artists you like, let me know.

Happy Writing!

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