Sunday Snippet with Tessa Stokes

All About Tessa Stokes

Where are you from?  I was in born in the United Kingdom but I have lived in many places in the world, because of my work. I have lived all over Europe, North Africa, and nearly all States in Australia.

What is your favorite quality about yourself?  I can bounce back quite quickly from disappointments and events that are not entirely pleasant. I will keep trying.

What is your least favorite quality about yourself?  I think I do lose patience with things and people a bit too soon.

What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why?  And what does a comma do, a comma does nothing but make easy a thing that if you like it enough is easy enough without the comma. A long complicated sentence should force itself upon you, make you know yourself knowing it and the comma, well at the most a comma is a poor period that lets you stop and take a breath but if you want to take a breath you ought to know yourself that you want to take a breath. It is not like stopping altogether has something to do with going on, but taking a breath well you are always taking a breath and why emphasize one breath rather than another breath. Anyway that is the way I felt about it and I felt that about it very very strongly. And so I almost never used a comma. The longer, the more complicated the sentence the greater the number of the same kinds of words I had following one after another, the more the very more I had of them the more I felt the passionate need of their taking care of themselves by themselves and not helping them, and thereby enfeebling them by putting in a comma.

So that is the way I felt about punctuation in prose, in poetry it is a little different but more so …Gertrude Stein from Lectures in America

I like it because it sums up editing and all the subjective things about editing.

What is your favorite color?  Purples, violets, lilac, blue purples

What is your favorite food?  Raspberries and cherries together

What’s your favorite place in the entire world?  That’s a hard one, as I love so many places. I can’t have a favorite, which about sums me up LOL I will choose the ocean.

Tessa’s Journey into Writing

When and why did you begin writing?  I have always had a writing component to my work, and then became tired of writing commercial and academic ‘stuff’ (e.g. of the academic stuff, and went back to fiction. Designed, wrote, researched and produced the whole lot of the brochures. Now I write romance and love it.

How long have you been writing?  All my life

What inspires you to write and why?  Something I see will spark an idea. A place, a person, a signpost and wham I’m writing the story in my head so then I have to get it on my laptop.

What genre are you most comfortable writing?  I used to think it was paranormal romance/urban fantasy romance type blends but now I think romance in general is my thing.

What inspired you to write your first book?  A ruined Abbey.

What do you consider most challenging about writing a novel, or about writing in general?  Marketing. Getting your book noticed. Finding the places where the readers of your particular genre blend might hang out.

Did writing this book teach you anything and what was it? Stone Kisses?  Well if so, that I could write more in depth love scenes.

Do you intend to make writing a career?  If people read my books

Have you developed a specific writing style?  I experiment and the story and the characters usually dictate it as I write.

What is your greatest strength as a writer?  Resilience, I think because there are some cruel blows in the writing field and you have to be able to cry for a day and get back at it.

Have you ever had writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?  Actually no, and I am waiting for it to happen as other writers say they get it. If it happens I will take a break and visit lots of wonderful historical places. Sacred stone rings, barrows, medieval castle ruins, flower gardens, that will perk me up.

Stone Kisses by Tessa Stokes

Stone Kisses by Tessa Stokes

Can you share a little of your current work with us?  Stone Kisses (Not long published.)  It’s a genre blend romance, fantasy. Lots of real life meets fantasy.

There’s this ordinary girl. She has her own graphic design business but she has to work hard to pay her mortgage. She has no family and it’s been a long time since she had a man in her life. It’s summer and she seems to be surrounded by couples. The sun and her loneliness makes her long for love or at least kisses. She looks at her house from her garden and knows it needs painting but she can’t afford that so she decides to visit the nearby garden store to buy flowers for her garden.

There she meets Justin who is naturally gorgeous and enigmatic. He finds her attractive and decides to pursue her.

Down the road live two gods left over from ancient times, and Stella our heroine gets caught up in a game they play, love relationships develop, and the whole game is upended.

How did you come up with the title?  Stella longs for kisses but if I say more I could blow the plot twist.

Can you tell us about your main character?  Stella is ‘every girl’. She finds herself left behind with not many outings because her friends all have men in their lives. She works hard. She wants to be love and give love. She’s brave.

How did you develop your plot and characters?  I had the tory in my head after visiting a stately home garden and then I just started writing and it flew onto the page. I did consider a different ending but I like the one I have as it’s the happy ending and I must have that in my stories.

Why did you choose to write this particular book?   I saw something in a public garden which inspired the start of the book and then when I began to write it the characters as usual took over.

What was the hardest part about writing this book?  Drawing readers’ attention to it. It’s had a couple of good reviews and I think if romance lovers would give it a try they would find it a lovely read.

How can we purchase your book? Available as an e-book on Amazon and Amazon UK

The Writing Life of Tessa Stokes

Do you write under a pen name and why?  NO

Who is your favorite author and why?  I read so many books and always have so I do not have a favorite author. I don’t have a favorite genre as it just depends on the book. I read Science fiction, paranormal romance, historical romance, general fiction, romance, crime stuff such as detective series or stories, mystery…. Something will catch my eyes, and I read the blurb, or sample, and if it appeals I read the lot.

Can we expect any more books from you in the future?  I have two paranormal romance books out at the moment. Both are available on Amazon – Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes Volume Two of The Ruthin Trilogy and Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love Volume One of The Ruthin Trilogy. Volume One can also be found through Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. I am writing book three of this trilogy.

How do you deal with bad reviews?  Weep, take any positives from them, forget them.

Do you have any advice for writers?  Just keep at it and write if you want to don’t let anything at all ever put you off.

Do you have any specific last thoughts that you want to say to your readers?  Thank you for giving me a go, and trying my books. I like to hear from you. My Facebook pages have posting facilities, and the blogs have comment features.

The “If” Answer by Tessa Stokes

If you could have any supernatural power, what would it be and why?  Being able to heal by touch.

Thanks Tessa for visiting and Happy Writing!

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