Pinot Grigio For Inspiration

Writer’s Block! I’ve had it for two weeks.

Here is what is not done:

Holiday Novella WIP – Chapters and scenes have been outlined. A total of 523 words have been written. I stalled out.

Betrothed – My historical romance came back from the editor and I have work to do.  It seems I’m a bit more of a history nut than I realized. Do you actually have to know that the city of New Orleans was captured by the North in 1862 without shots being fired in the city? For the purposes of the romance, I guess not. I have yet to edit that out.

Short Story – I’ve been searching for new places to submit my work and came across Mocha Memoirs Press. They accept short stories in the Steamy Mocha Shots Series. I thought that’s for me. I love short stories. I wrote a plot summary. That was all.

As to the Pinot Grigio, I enjoyed a few glasses this weekend with friends and relaxed. I didn’t think about writing or not writing. When I went to bed, the ideas were back and I could hardly sleep. I think today is going to be a great writing day.

Happy Writing! 

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