Crossing The Pond – 07/20/2012

This Friday, I’ll be crossing the pond to visit Elodie Parkes on the Elodie Parkes Blog for Hot Couples in Fiction. Elodie resides in Canterbury…

This brings me to the fact that I sometimes have the attention span of cat.

Canterbury made me think of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

This in turn made me think of Ms. Franklin’s 10th grade English class.

Which made me think of  my unsuccessful bid to Ms. Franklin to change the C she gave me on a paper in which I stated that the teller of a tale could be separated from the tale itself. In essence, a liar is capable of telling the truth and imparting wisdom. It is up to the hearer of said tale to discern this.

At this stage in my life, I understand Ms. Franklin’s viewpoint. Liars lie. That’s why our romantic heroes are noble and we love them.

I wonder where Ms. Franklin is now? I would like to speak to her, woman to woman, about her honest thoughts regarding my original  premise. Was she simply toting the company line (This was a Catholic high school, after all.)? Or was she imparting wisdom to a young girl who thought she knew it all?

BTW – To all my British friends, I don’t know if “crossing the pond” is used anymore. However, I love the sound of it.

And to all the yanks who decide to cross the pond with me, leave a comment on Elodie’s Blog and let me know you stopped by.

Happy Writing!

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