Release Date – Music For Her Soul

Music For Her Soul was released today by Amira Press! This is my second published work with Amira Press and I’m just as excited as my first publication, Calendar Girl.

So why all the music this past week? I love live music. I went to a few concerts in high school and thought they were okay. Honestly, I would have rather listened to the album.

Then I went to college in New Orleans and with one of my best friends, Judy, I discovered the joys of live music. We went to small settings like The Spotted Cat where you and the band were touching distance apart and you felt every beat of the music. Then there was Tipitina’s where you and the audience members were crushed together in a giant group dance and no one cared. Outdoor festivals, where you lazed on a blanket while a group playing southern rock, the blues or jazz became your best friends.

Both Lena and Ethan, the H/h of Music For Her Soul, share my love of live music and know how it can transform the performer and the listener alike.

I hope you enjoy their story!

Available from Amira Press

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