Sunday Morning Chat Hosted by Anne Ashby

While I’m visiting with Kristy Centeno on the Books By Centeno blog, Anne Ashby has graciously accepted the role of guest host for the day.

Anne Ashby is an author of warm, fuzzy and fun contemporary romance living in New Zealand. Today she will be interviewing Jodie Mathieson of Wilderness Liason, a sensual contemporary romance published in print and digital format by The Wild Rose Press.

Back Blurb

The concrete jungle defines financier Shal Gregory. He thrives on the liveliness and sheer vitality of the fast paced business world. So how does he find himself alone in the thick of the New Zealand bush with a feisty guide who undoubtedly despises everything he stands for?
Jodie Mathieson’s devotion to the wilderness fulfils her. She isn’t prepared for an intimate liaison with a man who clearly does not share her love of the great outdoors. But the sparks between them ignite and soon scare Jodie into flight.
Bewildered but determined, Shal tracks Jodie down and resolutely embarks on a course to convince her that having some differing life goals isn’t enough to keep them apart.
But can Jodie ignore past experiences? Dare she believe him?

Hi Jodie, thanks for joining us today. I’d love for you to tell us a little about yourself. What do you do for a living?
(settling into a chair with a warm smile) I’m a lecturer at Auckland University

I understand you have a doctorate in geography, do you have a specialty?
It’s so important that we all learn to protect our flora and fauna. My interests include restoration ecology, conservation restoration and conservation biology.

Okaaay, wow that sounds impressive, I’m not even sure what they are, but shall we move on. I’m sure our readers are more interested in your personal life. How old are you?
(smile broadening into a grin) I won’t see 30 again.

I understand you have an intense love of the bush, when did this begin?
I was brought up in the countryside. My parents have always been very involved with tramping and protecting New Zealand’s natural environment. I’ve never known a time when the bush didn’t play a major role in my life.

Were you one of those children who sneaked away to do what you wanted to do?
(Chuckles) Most definitely, I’d head into the bush any chance I got.

And frequently got punished for doing so?
Oh yes, frequently (her eyes sparkling with some memories).

You are close to your parents? Did you ever consider refusing to be part in that team-building exercise your parents were running?
No, never. Our family might be divided by distance but we are very close. They needed help. I would never have considered refusing them.

Your first meeting with Shal Gregory wasn’t too auspicious. What caused the friction?
(Atmosphere changes from warm to ice in a split second) I’d rather not talk about him, thank you.

Oh! Did you wonder who would be taking part in that course? Were you anxious about having to take over as leader?
(Back stiffens) Not at all. I’m perfectly capable of guiding a bunch of townies through the bush. Who they were wasn’t relevant.

Even though one of them proved to be a problem?
He would only be a problem if I allowed it.

You felt confident you could control Shal Gregory?
Control? I’m not interested in trying to control anyone – I was confident of being able to assert my authority in an environment where Mr. Gregory was out of place.

You certainly achieved that and within a very short time frame.
(Arms folded across her chest, Jodie glares across at the interviewer but makes no comment)

You prefer not to answer?
(Eyebrows rise) Was that a question?

How did you feel when Shal Gregory volunteered to accompany you on the rescue mission?
He was strong and capable and really the only choice. It was a logical decision.

You felt no qualms about spending days alone with him in the wilderness?
Of course not. Why would I?

Even though you were already physically attracted to him?
What? – I was not.

Did you wish your time together in your parents’ cabin could have lasted longer?
Of course not! Don’t be ridiculous.

Why did you leave so abruptly? Why are you hiding from him now?
That’s got nothing to do with you. (Leaping to her feet) And I am not hiding. Look, this was supposed to be an interview about leading a team building exercise not any ….

What would you do if Shal Gregory walked through your office door right now? Would you slap his face or fall into his arms?
Sorry – This interview is over. (Jodie stalks out with interviewer dashing after her)

Ms Mathieson, Ms Mathieson, what happened at that cabin? What happened between you that made run off in the dead of night?

Find the answers to these and many more questions in “WILDERNESS LIAISON” available at all major book sellers.

The Wild Rose Press:

Find Anne Ashby Here

9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Chat Hosted by Anne Ashby

  1. Good morning everyone,
    Thanks for stopping by. My time zone is likely to be a little different from yours so please excuse my late arrival. I apologise for the abrupt end to the interview, there were more questions to ask Jodie, but I guess some of them hit a raw nerve.

      • Ah Ha! so the interview managed to stimulate your curiosity, great. lol The cabin scene is about two-thirds through the story so lots more happens afterwards too

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