Thanks, Updates And The End Of Summer

It has been a fun week around the blogosphere for me and I wanted to thank those who made it happen:

Anne Ashby, author of Wilderness Liaison: Great interview on the Vallory V Blog with her heroine, Jamie Mathieson.

Kristy Centeno, author of Call Of The Wolf: I had an author spotlight on her blog, Books by Centeno. She had questions that made me think.

Tiffany Rose, author of Fun With Buster: I had a blog post on the Tiffany Rose Erotic Romance Blog entitled As Long As Your Nipples Are Covered. And it’s not what you think. I’m talking about one of my favorite places to set a romance ~ New Orleans!

I also wanted to give you a couple of updates:

Betrothed – My historical interracial romance. Wow! This thing has grown and I’m sending it off to my favorite reader who is also on vacation this week. She has promised to let me know if it is finished yet. Then, one more revision on my part before going to the editor.

Something Wicked – As my friends find out what I write, they like to tell me stories. Some are funny and some are weird. Then they tell me to find a home in a romance for something like that. Okay, I nod politely. And then I was told something that wouldn’t leave me alone. Ideas, characters, scenes demanded to be written. Something Wicked was born. (I am still working through the details and you’ll be able to read the first chapter soon. A scene is posted on the My Writing tab.)

Hero Worship Week (September 10th – 15th): I’m hosting a week of character interviews featuring the heroes of the romances we write. Do drop by and meet the first men interviewed on the Vallory V Blog! I even made a cute button.

What the end of summer means in my little corner of the world:

  • Coordinating pick up and drop off schedules
  • Volleyball practice and games
  • Three year old soccer
  • Finding new chili recipes
  • Preparing for the holidays
  • And writing, writing, writing

Enjoy the rest of your week ~ Val

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