Morning Pick Me Up

I had a wonderful little surprise waiting for me this morning! The Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award bestowed upon me by fellow blogger, Sabrina Garie. She has the great tag line – Life’s a journey, keep it spicy

To accept this award, I have to share 7 things about myself so here goes:

Ornithophobe – I am one. It means that I have a fear of birds. And that’s all birds from parakeets to ostriches. No matter where I am, I’ll scream if one gets close to me. (Ask my embarrassed husband, children and friends,)

Middle Name – I hated my middle name so much that I had a legal name change when I was 18 to have it removed. (Don’t ask me what it was.)

Favorite Movie – The Color Purple and Pulp Fiction battle for the top spot.

Parking – Not very good at it.

Mimicking – In high school choir, I discovered that if I stood next to a good singer I could match their pitch and tone. So I’m a great back-up singer.

Reading – I read on the train to and from work each weekday. Two full hours!

Laughing – I find something that makes me laugh everyday.

In the spirit of this award, I’m passing it along to someone who has been such an encouragement to me since starting my own writing journey ~


One thought on “Morning Pick Me Up

  1. Hi Vallory, Sorry its taken me so long to visit. I was on vacation then came home to the first week of school chaos. I am back now and am rebuilding some level of routine into my life. I love your seven. I wonder how many people are dying to know your middle name. I also look to find a way to laugh daily, best way to stay sane. Nice to get to know a little more about you. Sabrina.

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