Sunday Chat With Rescued’s Amelia

The fire that burned whenever they were together was consuming. Try as they might they could not douse the flames. Amelia was lost from the moment she laid eyes on Jordan Bradford. Besides the fact she was just the maid, there were far too many reason besides the obvious that they could not be together. Still she found herself throwing caution to the wind and knew she would pay whatever the cost for the chance at one more kiss. Forbidden fruit was always sweeter. The saying rang true for Jordan and a flame long thought extinguished was awakened inside him whenever Amelia was near. Time and again he sought her out against his better judgment and his hardened hearts wishes. Denying his desire for her was no longer becoming an option.

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Vallory: Amelia, I am so happy you could join us today. I was hoping that you would tell our audience a little about yourself.

Amelia: Forgive me I feel a little nervous but let’s see. I’m originally from Louisiana, but now I’m a resident of London.  I’m still adjusting to the move. I can be a little shy but I stand up for those I love and would do anything for them. I don’t know what else to say besides I am a simple woman who is living an extraordinary life.

Vallory: And what of your friends? Who are those that make the time pass more easily?

Amelia: There is nothing like a true friend is there? Jordan is my best friend but my circle luckily has grown as of late, being away from my home town I keep in touch with old and dear friends by letters. Vivian who is the closest thing I’ve known to a mother moved to stay with me just this past summer. It’s been so nice having her around again she brought a slice of home with her it feels. Then there is my childhood friend Jessie, she just got married and her sister Lenora, I think she will marry next. I’m excited because Nina, another friend I’ve not seen in a while is traveling to visit me. She should arrive in a few weeks! Here though, in London, I have Margaret and she is a wonder. Margaret can’t seem to sit still for a second but even though she’s got her hand in every jar you just love her because her intentions are always good and she is so very kind. Then there is Johanna, she just makes me laugh and her daughter and our Georgia get along splendidly. Lastly there is Alice and you’ve never seen anyone so smart, I just wish she’d be smart enough to snatch up Nathan and out of all of us ladies I think she and I are most alike. Oh wait but I forgot, you asked who are those that make the time pass more easily as well, that one is easy, but these two young ladies are family, my Jordana and Georgia make everyday end with a smile and when I look at them I know everything is worth it.

Vallory: Louisiana is famous for its cuisine. Do you cook? What is the best dish you make?

Amelia: I have to agree with you there and being from New Orleans I’d say I’ve got a certain flair or fire might be a better word for my style of cooking. My best dish is my peach cobbler however, Jasper and Margaret eat it as soon as I pull it from the fire. I recall my aunt Lorraine use to have an affinity for it as well, perhaps she’s managed to learn to cook it for herself. (Grins)

Vallory: Louisiana is also famous for music. Do you dance?

Amelia: (Smiles to herself.) Now I do.

Vallory: When we meet you, you are engaged to Morgan Hanson. Can you tell us a little about him?

Amelia: Morgan is a nasty old snap dragon, I can’t think of anything redeeming about the man at all. So I guess there is nothing else to tell.

Vallory: I seem to remember that Morgan’s attempts at kissing weren’t received well by you. Has your attitude toward kissing changed?

Amelia: Now you are making me blush, but yes it has changed. In truth it’s become a favorite activity of mine.

Vallory: Hmmm, that brings us to Jordan Bradford. Can you remember your first thought of him?

Amelia: Now I know your trying to make me blush. (Sighs) The first thing I thought when I saw Jordan as I recall, was thinking there is nobody in this world more perfect than this man.

Vallory: Hmmm, and do you mind so much kissing him?

Amelia: (Laughs) Not to be crass, but I can kiss that man all morning, noon and night! So no ma’am I don’t mind kissing him one bit.

Vallory: Amelia, it was wonderful having you join us today. Thanks to Arlene Lam, author of Rescued (Flowers of the Bayou), for allowing us to meet Amelia and learn a little about her story.

About the AuthorBorn and raised in Northern California, Arlene has always dreamed of being a writer. As a child she jotted down short stories, poems and novellas in her spare time. A mother of one Arlene is married and currently resides in Hayward California where she is currently working on the follow up to Rescued featuring Margaret and Jasper.

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