Today’s Hero – Ethan Holden with Vallory Vance

Interviewer’s Note: Ethan Holden is the first man to appear on the Vallory V Blog and I’m super-excited! I’m a huge music fan and just knowing that he has played back up to some of my favorites like B.B. King and Esmeralda Spalding is a little overwhelming, but the musician’s lounge at Calliope’s is helping with the jitters. I imagined something dark and smoky, but it’s clean and comfortable. Very Zen.

EH: Hope you didn’t have to wait long. (He relaxes down onto the sofa in front of my chair, long legs and arms filling up the small space)

VV: (I lose my voice for a moment. He has a great smile that sparkles up to his eyes but I recover quickly.) Umm…Let’s get right down to what the readers want to know.

EH: (He chuckles and then tilts his head slightly to the right and his bright green eyes drift up to mine.) What do you want to know?

VV: (Lena was right if he could bottle that look, he’d be a very rich man. And why does he have to have to drag his words through that merry little half-grin and leave me fighting the urge to giggle?) Uhhh…

EH: Excuse, me. (Holds up hand and takes out his phone. A broad smile breaks across his face as he taps a few keys.) My munchkin. She always texts me after a show. (He holds the phone out for me to see a beautiful little girl with sandy brown curly hair and a big toothy grin.)

VV: Aww, she’s so cute (Good, I’m back with my feet on the ground).

EH: Yeah, she’s daddy’s angel. There’ll be one more… (He types in a few keys. The broad smile changes to a small grin and then he utters something indistinctly in a low groan that makes me feel as if I should leave the room.)

VV: Uhh…Is that one from Lena? (As he is slowly typing, I think he’s forgotten that I’m here.)

EH: (This time he’s the one stumbling back into the conversation.) Sorry. Sorry. Yeah, where were we?

VV: Let’s talk about you and Lena… and Russian models. (OMG, I can’t believe I said it. I am pulling off a fabulous Barbara Walters, complete with the practiced look of concern and the lean-in.)

EH: I’d rather not. That was a difficult period in over lives and Lena and I have moved on.

VV: (Well, damn. What do you say to that? I fumble through my cards. Ok, this is promising.) What do you think of Lena’s new wardrobe?

EH: She looks good in whatever she wears. She’s a beautiful woman.

VV: But do you like it? I mean the skirts and dresses are a lot shorter than she used to wear and she is getting a lot more attention than she did in the ponytail and sweatshirts.

EH: (He rubs his hand under his chin.) Yeah, a lot of looks…I thought this was supposed to be about the concert with Oswald and Hamilton College?

VV: It is. This is just a little background information to make it interesting. Lena calls you E any significance to that as a nickname?

EH: (He starts laughing and his head drops back onto the couch) Well, the first few times we…ya know…she couldn’t say my whole na… (He stops and clears his throat and I have to catch myself from falling off the chair.) It’s just a nickname. Is this almost over?

VV: Almost. (Note to self: Call Lena later.) As the two co-hosts for this concert, how do you and Lena work together?

EH: (He relaxes again.) Very well. We like the same music. She’s organized and I provide the flair. This is going to be a great show.

VV: And what do you two do to relax?

EH: We both work and we have a two-year old but we’ll usually have a night or two a week to have dinner together or listen to music.

VV: And I heard you are a pretty masseuse.

EH: Darling, I’m the best. (There’s that look again and I’m mesmerized.)

VV: I bet you are… (Crud! Barbara Walters, I’m not! I try to sink into the floor as Ethan stands and stands up.)

EH: Well, I hope you got everything you needed. (We shake hands.)

VV: Sure, it was very nice…. (He is not listening. The phone is pressed to his ear and a low “Hey baby” flows through the air. Girl, I’d be calling too. She never stood a chance.)

Music For Her Soul – Single mom Lena Spencer is showing her sexy side for the first time in a life that has revolved around an aggressive pursuit of her PhD and learning to live without her daughter’s father, Ethan Holden. Returning to town after a ten month tour with the single goal in mind to reclaim Lena’s heart, Ethan gives his greatest performances–musical and otherwise.

Where to purchase your copy of Music For Her Soul:

Happy Reading ~ Val

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