A Fable Retold by Tiffany Rose

A Fable Retold

There have been retellings of classic fairy tales and fables for several years now. I remember my husband and I buying a copy of Politically Correct Fairy Tales in the ’90s and laughing out loud over the stories. Turning the same tales into erotic fantasies, a’la Taming of Sleeping Beauty or involving a new twist on several mythologies, such as the TV show Once Upon a Time – one of my favorites at the moment – isn’t new.

What is important about these retellings is if authors are going to take a familiar story and twist it in some way, it needs to be different than someone else has done it in the past. This is what I tried to do with my novella, Freya’s Journey.

Freya’s Journey originally started as a short story I was planning to submit to an anthology. One thing led to another and I didn’t finish the story in time to submit it. Once life calmed down and I was able to work on it again, I decided to self-publish it myself and begin a series of erotic fables and fairy tales. The series will eventually include well-known stories such as Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, but I still plan to include lesser known stories from various world mythologies, such as the Freya story, simply because I enjoy mythology and always wonder “what if?” I think about how I can twist the known story into something different, something new, but still have remnants of the old within. And, of course, there needs to be a passionate romance between the main characters.

Before I wrote Freya’s Journey, I read several versions of the myth. Freya is a Norse goddess and I wasn’t as familiar with her as I was with the stories of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. That is one reason I chose Freya’s story instead of Aphrodite, a more well-known goddess of love.

I used a lot of the information I learned in different versions, trying to show aspects of Freya’s character and how I saw her. One version of the myth describes her as a warrior queen, one of the Valkries, and it’s that aspect of I showcase in her desire to be on this journey alone. She is a confident woman, secure in her identity as a goddess, even as she is vulnerable to her femininity. I portray this vulnerability as a physical need for sex. As the goddess of love and sex, it seemed obvious to me that she would feel these needs and desires much stronger than a human female.

Freya also accepts love – physical and emotional – from all genders. She has no embarrassment or guilt over her many lovers. As in most myths, the gods and goddesses have spouses but are not held to be monogamous. It’s accepted in her marriage with Od – he will go his way, she will go hers, but when they are together, magic will happen.

Freya, the Norse goddess of love and beauty, Queen of the Valkries, is tired of waiting for her husband, Od, the Sun, to return to her bower. Desiring his touch, she decides to find him on her own.
Freya’s journey is hampered by her need for physical pleasure daily. To assuage her desires, she seeks out her consort and step-brother, Frey, both for his knowledge of how to pleasure her and for information.
As her journey continues and she grows needful of a lover’s touch once again, she meets a band of dwarven brothers who offer her the necklace Brisingamen and several days of sexual fulfillment.
Freya finally reaches her beloved Od, only to find him captured by the dangerous mountain giants, the Jotuun. Believing her to be a worshiper of Od and unaware of her true identity, the giants allow Freya to see him. Once together, the lovers must find a way to escape before their captors discover her true identity and kill them both.

To Purchase Freya’s Journey:

Amazon – http://amzn.to/Lboxdo

Barnes and Noble – http://bit.ly/L8x6pA

Smashwords – http://bit.ly/KvRe89

All Romance Ebooks – http://bit.ly/MemtTb

Tiffany Rose Author Bio:

Tiffany Rose is a romantic at heart, which is why romance is a very strong element in her writing, especially her erotic writing, because love makes great sex even better. Because she believes so strongly in a romantic relationship, she’s made a public promise to her readers to stay true to the romantic relationships within an erotic framework. She currently lives in Alabama

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