Today’s Hero – Koen Smith with Deneice Tarbox

Author Bio:  Deneice Tarbox is the author of Healing Inc. and Finding Love for a Cynic, an interracial romantic suspense novel and interracial romance novella.  She has been writing seriously for about a year and is currently working on her third book, a sequel to Healing Inc.  She plans to venture into fantasy in the near future.  Her motto: normal is boring /laugh or wear a straitjacket.

Interview with Koen Smith:  Today I have the opportunity to talk with Koen Smith, an up and coming public relations representative in the greater Los Angeles area.  Since it is within walking distance of my office, he graciously agreed to meet me at Soul of the Matter, one of the few multicultural publishing firms in the country.  I just arrived at the office he has borrowed for said purpose, and I’m waiting patiently as he dutifully texts on his smartphone.   I can’t help but notice that he’s very well put together in a gray suit that brings out the unusual green of his eyes.

KS:  Sorry about that.  Seems I have my work cut out for me these days. (He’s holding the phone up and smiling broadly as he apologizes.)

DT:  Oh no problem.  (I have to confess; even though we’ve conversed over the phone his accent still throws me.  And, okay, those have to be contacts he’s wearing.  No one has eyes that green.  I can’t keep from staring as he rises to his full height.  He’s got to be at least six feet tall.)

KS:  (He gestures to two comfortable looking seats.)  Shall we?

DT:  Long day?

KS:  They all are lately.

DT:  (That color really does wonders for his eyes.  Dammit!  You’re harping on the eyes again.  Look away, homegirl. Look away! Wait a minute; does anyone even say that anymore? Moving on.) Which brings me to my first question; Rumor has it you’re suddenly in high demand in the L.A. area.  Care to confirm or deny?

KS:  (He chuckles.) I guess that’s about right.

DT:  But you’ve been in L.A. for a while now.  What do you think is the cause of this sudden peak in interest?

KS:  Well… I don’t think there was any single contributing factor.

DT:  Oh, really?  You don’t think what you’re doing for Soul of the Matter, particularly one Ms. Delona Raes, has anything to do with it?  (I can’t help but notice how his eyes lit up at the mention of her name.  I wonder if he knows he just did that.  Hmmm, there just might be more to this story than I thought.)

KS:  Soul of the Matter was my first contract. (Other than the new gleam in his eye his face remains passive.)

DT:  Is Ms. Raes as difficult to work with as they say?

KS:  I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but I have nothing but the utmost respect for Ms. Raes.  Given the fact that what she does and says has been repeatedly taken out of context since arriving in L.A., I’d say she does very well.  Not everyone would have acted as graciously as she has in light of such a challenge.  This line of questioning wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain rejection letter, would it?  (His beautifully arched eyebrow shoots toward his chaotic, chestnut colored hairline with this last statement.)

DT: (Well damn.  Talk about calling a sister out.) Okay then.  Perhaps we should stick to questions about you.  Where in the world did you get that accent from?  (Whew.  He’s laughing.)

KS:  I was born and raised in Australia, but my mom and dad are from Norway and South Africa respectively.

DT:  I see.  Do you plan on returning to your land of origin any time soon?

KS:  Only if my business fails, and I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future.

DT:  I agree.  How have you managed to stay so fit throughout all these long hours?  (Yeah, I went there.)

KS:  (He smiles.) I love to sail.  It can be physically demanding at times.  I also manage to go for a swim daily.

DT:  Interesting.  One last question before I go.  Do you think you could talk Ms. Raes into taking another look at my last submission?

KS:  Uh, no.

DT:  (Oh well, can’t blame a girl for trying.) Thank you for your time.

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