Cooking with Passion

I was excited to learn that my recipe was included in the Passionate Cooks cookbook which will be available as a free download from AllRomance /Omni Lit. In a few weeks, you can get your copy and try out some dishes by your favorite romance authors. (I’ve had a sneak peek and the recipes are great.)

My entry is Second Chance Tortillas. This is a hearty breakfast that can carry you through a busy morning of errands and your shift as mommy chauffeur without having to refuel until a late lunch. Usually though as I’m gathering my ingredients, my mind is far from the grocery store and the cleaners.

The romantic in me is envisioning a couple waking up late on a chilly morning. Maybe he would pull out that never worn pair of green plaid pajamas that had lain in the drawer for months. Bottoms for him and top for her.

Just something she’d bought when the weather had turned cold one day. Was it last year? Already?

“Are you hungry?” He would ask.

She would only nod, not yet ready to test the strength of her voice.

“I’ll make something.” He would scramble out to the kitchen, thankful that she hadn’t looked at him for too long. What would he say?

She would follow close behind while he assembled his items and tackled the chore of cooking like he was preparing for battle. She would bite back the urge to tell him how to do it right and concentrate on the empty pitcher before her.

Perhaps, she would reach for the rest of the champagne from last night and a bottle of orange juice. Brush against him as he reached for the lone pepper.

“Oh, sorry.” They would chime in unison.

“I thought we could have mimosas like we did when went to San Francisco. Remember?”

He would smile, nodding. He remembered.

There would be a sip of the libation and then he would swipe a crumb from her mouth.

Her hand would meet his as she helped. “Is it gone?” Their fingers would stay intertwined.

And it’s game over for these two. No matter how they lost sight of what was important, they’ve ended up where they began.

But that’s just me…

Happy Reading, Writing and Cooking this week!

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