An Interview with Marla Malone by Jason Jaxx

Marla Malone is the project co-coordinator, chief facilitator and customer liaison for Fantasies4U, a company that aims to match clients up to their fantasies in order to fulfill them in a secure environment where discretion and confidentiality are of paramount importance.

After much negotiation and guarantees, Ms. Malone finally agreed to this interview on the grounds that I agree to follow the same rigorous screening procedure that all her clients have to undergo. Although I was not permitted access to any client records or meet any of her customers, she was prepared to discuss specific cases as long as anonymity was preserved. Obviously, I agreed and after a hectic week of appointments, documentation and phone calls, I was finally told to meet her at a secret location.

Ms. Malone (not her real name, she informed me with a grin) is a beautiful 30-something brunette with piercing eyes, a fiendish smile and a body that proved something of a distraction. She is extremely professional in her attitude and behavior but has an irresistible flirtatious side that sneaks through. Hopefully this comes across in the written form as sensually as it did in person.

Jason Jaxx: Hi, Ms. Malone. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Marla Malone:  Please, Mr. Jaxx, call me Marla.

JJ: Ok, Marla but only if I’m Jason.

MM: As you wish…Jason.

JJ: Is this the first time a representative from your company has agreed to be interviewed?

MM: Yes, you were the first person who agreed to follow our procedures and effectively become a client of ours. Did you enjoy your session?

JJ: (coughs) Ah, yes, very much so. However, I’d like to get back to you and the company, Fantasies4U. Could you maybe explain to the readers what exactly it is that you do?

MM: Well, Jason, we specialize in matching our clients’ fantasies. So, for example, someone may have a yearning to be dominant and we will try to match them someone who expresses a desire to be submissive.

JJ: And how does that work exactly? I would imagine that one doesn’t just arrive here and demand a suitable partner.

MM: No, the initial contact is kept as anonymous as possible until both parties (us and the potential client) are certain that we wish to pursue this course. All our clients go through a screening procedure and are required to meet several stringent medical, personal and professional criteria. You have gone through this process so can speak to its thoroughness.

JJ: Indeed. I can also vouch for the security as the confidentially clause and waivers I had to sign were quite thorough.

MM: Yes, I’m glad you mentioned it so I didn’t have to remind you.

JJ: You will get a copy of this transcript before I send it off

MM: Yes.

JJ: So once everything has been checked and signed off?

MM: We arrange a date and time for the appointment and the parties meet up. At this point, having made the introduction, we usually excuse ourselves from further interactions. We cannot legally suggest or guarantee any activity, sexual or otherwise, that may take place. We do guarantee confidentiality and security and our track record proves that this is something we can deliver on.

JJ: Aren’t you ever tempted to join in?

MM: (raises eyebrow in a most arresting manner) Of course. I would have thought that it was obvious after…..

JJ: (interrupts) Ah, yes, moving on. What makes your services different from any other dating or adult chat site?

MM: That’s an important question. Firstly, we’re not looking to set people up for dating or long-term relationships. It is also not about chatting or sexting. This is real people meeting up with other real people to share their innermost desires.

JJ: Surely there are other ways to acquire such services?

MM: We at Fantasies4U have no issues with sex workers or escorts but once again that is not the service we provide. With us, you are getting willing participants eager to live out their sexual needs without payment being a motivation.

JJ: Money does change hands though.

MM: Yes, but not between clients. We charge an administrative fee to cover our costs and yes, we are out to make a profit but we believe the quality of service you get in return is worth the price.

JJ: I would certainly attest to that.

MM: Thank you.

JJ: Ahem. Could you maybe give us an example of the services you provide? Without violating any confidentiality, obviously.

MM: Obviously.Let me see. (pauses, tapping her perfectly manicured nails on the arm of her chair) We had a client recently, let’s call her Ms. A., who told us she had a craving to be taken by two unknown men in a submissive role.

JJ: Ok

MM: She had, I assume still has, a husband and so couldn’t really go to a bar, club or dating site without running the risk of ruining her marriage. We offered her an alternative method, an opportunity for pleasure that she seized willingly and .with complete understanding of what she signed up for.

JJ: Did she enjoy it?

MM: Judging by the reaction of her and the two gentlemen we selected for her, I am happy to report that our 100% customer satisfaction record is still intact.

JJ: Has she come back?

MM: I think that’s enough about Ms. A for now, Jason. However we have had several repeat customers. There was also a client, an inquisitive man, who was interested in having sex with a woman while been serviced by another with a large strap-on and a …

JJ: (interrupting) Hmmm, yes, I think that the client example you already provided will be sufficient for this piece.

MM: (crosses legs slowly and smiles enigmatically with closed lips) Indeed.

JJ: Can a client request a specific partner?

MM: Yes, although we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted as all parties have to agree on meeting. We also tend to find that if people hit it off, they no longer require our services to meet up.

JJ: Do you enjoy your work?

MM: (looking at me as if I had asked if water was wet) Yes, Jason. I love it. Providing sexual fulfillment to those who think it is beyond their reach. Who wouldn’t enjoy it?

JJ: Well,…..

MM: (snaps, as if annoyed but her eyes are sparkling in the most mischievous manner) Yes, yes, there are the prudes and the fuddy-duddies and the censors who wish to drag us back to some bygone Puritanical era. I would assume that no-one who reads your books or this interview would fall into that category so I am excluding them from this discussion

JJ: Fair enough. In that case, I would imagine that you have a dream job.

MM: Yes. The stuff fantasies are made of.

JJ: Indeed. What about those who accuse you of providing for the erotic needs but ignoring the romance?

MM: (eyebrow cocked again) I’m not sure who these accusers are, Jason but to them I would say that sex and the erotic arts are born of and can lead to acts of romance and to try separate the two is a needless act of prurience. I would also say that such people are making the wild assumption that only people who are after sexual fantasies avail themselves of our services. We provide an intimate setting catered to our clients needs and often in such an environment, things can take an unexpected turn. The person you thought was going to fuck your brains out is instead someone you end up having a meal and conversation with. As I said earlier, we are not interested in being or advertise ourselves as a matchmaking company but I can attest to several relationships that have either blossomed or been saved as a direct result of our assistance.

JJ: I think that’s as good a place as any to conclude our chat. Thank you for your time Marla.

MM: My pleasure. I hope you found your time with us….enlightening.

JJ: If people are interested in finding out more, how can they contact you?

MM: We have advertisements on several prominent web sites or we can be reached on Twitter using @Fantasies4U.

I would like to thank Ms Malone and all the staff at Fantasies4U for allowing me the opportunity of this interview and providing me access to their excellent services…

About the Author:

Jason Jaxx is an author of erotica, starting out on the journey of self-publishing. An avid reader and music lover he is, obviously, a fan of erotica and adult-themed entertainment. He is happily married to a beautiful woman who shares his belief that fantasy is essential to a healthy sex life. Holding a stressful job that offers no creative outlet, he views writing as a welcome release and challenges himself to explore different themes and styles.

He does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person.

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