Introducing Felicia Tatum

About the Author

I’m a small town girl that lives in Tennessee. I read and write more than I watch TV and I prefer animals to most people. I love the color pink but wear a lot of black. I’m a vegetarian and love making Mexican food vegetarian friendly. I’m a mommy to the most amazing little girl in the world and the daughter of awesome parents. I’m a little sassy and overly ambitious. I want to go to Italy, yet I haven’t even been on a plane yet. Who am I you ask? I am Felicia.

How long have you been writing?

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember, though I never called myself one. I remember in 7th grade, I had a notebook that I was writing stories in. I kept a diary with detailed information on everything. I had a journal I kept on my computer later on. In 11th grade, I had to write a poem and match it up with a song, and I remember a classmate was amazed that I wrote it so fast. It was a turning point for me, someone noticing my writing and enjoying it. I’ve been working on my novel since May of this year.

I’m currently working on my first novel, The White Aura. The title actually came to me in the middle of writing it. You’ll have to read it to figure out why though. I’m currently revising, but I plan to share some of it on my blog when I’m finished.


Have you started another book yet?

Why yes, I have. Originally, The White Aura was going to be a two part novel, but after writing the first part, I decided to expand it into a full novel. So there will be a sequel to it and let me tell you, I’m even shocking myself with what’s happening!

If you could have a book signing anywhere in the world,

where would it be and why?

Well this one is easy, Europe! I have many friends over there and I’ve wanted to go since I was 12. London, Italy, all of those fabulously beautiful places. I’d want to meet all of my friends there too, though. I have met so many amazing people over the internet in the past few years. It would be a big party!

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