Today’s Hero – Clark Pinot with Nevea Lane

Justine Marshall is in a mood. Not that she doesn’t adore the fact that her best friend Topaz is was marrying the great love of her life; she’s ecstatic, but being alone while trying to plan the wedding to end all weddings has her in a funk and admittedly jealous. In an effort to keep her emotions from spilling into Topaz’s happy day, Justine comes up with one surefire solution: find a bed buddy. 

Clark Pinot has been trying to get Justine’s attention for months, which is the only reason he volunteered to go shopping with the guarded woman in the first place. When she comes to him with the ridiculous idea of being her “booty call,” he sees it as the one opportunity to prove he isn’t the Casanova she thinks he is and what he wants is much more than a tumble in the sack. Breaking down Justine’s defenses won’t be easy, but he’s determined to see them fall like the leaves in autumn.

Today, I chased down the elusive Clark Pinot…

Clark Pinot:  I’m not elusive…I’ve been busy running here and there.

Nevea Lane: Uh huh, I bet.   Would your running involve chasing after a certain someone?

CP: I’m a gentleman, Ms. Lane, and an retired military officer, I don’t chase.  I pursue.  (He crosses his arms and sits back).

NL: Alright then, would your running involve pursuing Justine Marshall?

CP: (His eyes light up at the mention of Justine.) Ms. Marshall is one remarkable woman. I’ve never met anyone like her.

NL: You mean a woman who doesn’t faint from your British accent or your violet eyes?

CP:  Not at all, although that was definitely an interesting way of putting it. From the first moment I met her, Ms. Marshall has made it a point to highlight my ‘issues’ as she has called them.

NL:  How did you two meet?

CP:  My best friend, Sebastian Rosser is marrying her best friend, Topaz Sinclair.  I decided to take an extended holiday to be here for Seb’s big day, and to pursue some other interests of mine.

NL: Are you always this vague, or is it just me?

CP:  My apologies, It’s hard for me to admit to adjust to being a retired intelligence officer.  Some things just don’t go away.  My main purpose for staying in America is to be closer to Sebastian.  He’s the brother I wish I had.  I grew up with three sister’s and a mother.  When Sebastian decided to move here, I dropped what I was doing to see him through it. 

NL:  That’s very noble of you.  (He nods).  So what were the other interests?

CP:  You aren’t going to let that slide are you?

NL: No.

CP: Didn’t think so.  Let me tell you a bit of a story.  When I first came to visit, Sebastian sent Topaz and Justine to pick me up from the airport.  The first thing I said to Justine was, “If I knew a woman such as yourself would be meeting me at the airport, I would have shaved.”  She rolled her eyes at me and said “You’re eyes belong on a woman.” She turned around and walked off.

NL: (snickering) I hope that wasn’t a pick up line.

CP: Honestly, no it wasn’t a line.  I was honestly stunned at her almond eyes and honest expression, I said the first thing that came to mind.  I’ve been in the dog house with her every since.

NL: What do you mean?

CP:  She seems to believe I’m a flirt, a womanizer.  I believe she calls me the London Lothario.

NL: A lothario?  Well is it true?

CP:  Not in the slightest.  I find women in general to be interesting creatures, but Justine…

NL: (after waiting) Justine what?

CP: Justine seems to think that finding women interesting means I like to sleep with all of them.

NL: Have you told her as much?

CP: I’ve tried to be subtle about it.  I’m a gentleman Ms. Lane, I don’t make it a habit to discuss my sexual appetite with a woman I’m pursuing. 

NL: So you are pursuing her?

CP: Yes, she just doesn’t seem to be interested. I get the feeling she doesn’t like me very much.

NL: Care for a bit of insight?

CP: By all means.

NL: Subtle isn’t going to cut it.  It could be she just thinks you flirt with every woman and she is no exception.

CP: She is the exception.

NL: Women like to believe that someone such as yourself wouldn’t be interested in them to keep their hearts safe Clark.  How old are you that you don’t see that?

CP: I’m 40, and what do you mean someone such as myself?

NL: Have you looked in a mirror lately?

CP: Pardon me?

NL:  Hello! You have a British accent, which is like ear candy to a woman.  You are extremely tall, dark and  don’t let Justine fool you, those violet eyes of yours are weapons.  Seriously you don’t see the problem and why a woman might keep you at arm’s distance.

CP: What does matter what shell I come in?  There is always more than skin deep qualities.

NL: Sounds like you got your work cut out for you.

Clark abruptly stands up and walks to the door

NL: Where are you going?

CP: I have a fascinating woman to pursue. 

NL: Good luck.

Will Clark be able to convince Justine that he isn’t the womanizer she thinks he is? Read the book to find out what happens in his pursuit. 

For your copy of Falling Leaves of Autumn, click here.

About the Author

Nevea Lane is an author of romance.  Her stories will have an element of real mixed with the unexpected and a dose of humor.  There is a world out there that is waiting to be explored by authors who love the thought of cultures, ideas and beliefs mingling and letting passion take them where they will.  Nevea is one of those explorers.   She likes to push the boundaries, and take you further than you would dare on your own.    Are you ready for a passion explosion?

Let her inhabit your imagination and enrich your senses with vivid tales of passion, love and lust.

Connect with Nevea online:

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