Today’s Hero – Falcon with Danita Minnis

Welcome to Danita Minnis!

Hello! I write paranormal romance for Liquid Silver Books. I am so excited to be here celebrating my debut novel Falcon’s Angel. Thank you, Vallory, for having my hero Falcon here today! We love to meet new readers.

I love many periods in history and write about them. In Falcon’s Angel, part of the love story is set in pre-revolutionary France. I had fun incorporating my love for the Enlightenment period, a very romantic era in history, into this story. The clothes rocked; corsets, décolletage –I wish those beautiful gowns were back in style. And who else besides me wants to see gorgeous British model David Gandy in breeches? Woot!

My hero Falcon travels back to this time period for a special assignment, one that could save his life and Angel’s. It is called the Enlightenment but it was also a very savage time in history. Superstition and persecution was still very much the thing. It wasn’t so far removed from a time when you might hear serious discussions of the ‘mark of the devil.’ For Falcon and Angel, it seemed like yesterday.

Danita Minnis
Romance Through the Ages

Falcon on Killing il Dragone

So how did I get here? Fighting devil-worshippers who don’t die?
It’s complicated, but I’ll do my best. You need to know what’s out there.

I left home at seventeen. My mother didn’t understand why. Looking back now, I guess I didn’t understand either. I told her I wanted to see the world. I ended up becoming a killer, one of the best seven countries has ever hired.

The thing is, I didn’t know I was born for this, killing il Dragone. But now I know I needed those years of killing to prepare for what would become the most important job of my life.
You might call it a personal vendetta, and you would be wrong. It is much more than that. They don’t just want me, Angel and the rest of the family. Yes, we are old enemies with scores of unpaid debts. You’ll learn more about those debts in another chapter of our lives. But know this; you have something they want as well – life. They need it to increase their numbers. They will come to you in disguise, make you feel safe, but that is an illusion. They will take your thoughts and actions and make them their own, and eventually they will take your life.

The best advice I have for you is do not accept their gift. It’s like taking out a loan that you won’t live long enough to re-pay.

In Angel’s case it was the Stradivarius, a link to the past, a homing device so that they could find her again and again. She’s got me now, and I’m killing them as fast as this life allows, trying to figure out how they stay dead.
In another time and place, their gift was the symbol of their master; dragon rubies. Exquisite hand-crafted jewels worked in the finest gold any decadent duke or lusty princess would kill for. Remember, once you accept the rubies, you cannot give them back. Il Dragone won’t take no for an answer.

If you find yourself in a situation, perhaps a lover is acting…strangely? Suddenly wants your life instead of your love? Call me, and consider it a favor. My partner Grange and I have only one mission now – kill il Dragone. Kill them all.

About Falcon’s Angel

Angelina wants to go unrecognized when she leaves her family’s Yorkshire estate to play in a symphony in Italy. When she starts running she has no idea just how much she is running from: a stolen Stradivarius, a birthright of mysterious powers and a past that got her killed over two hundred years ago.

Falcon wants the Stradivarius in her possession, and goes undercover to track down a thief. But he is not the only killer in search of the violin.

il Dragone, a devil-worshiping cult, wants revenge for a past only they can remember.
Angelina wants to go unrecognized when she leaves her family’s Yorkshire estate to play in a symphony in Italy. But the Stradivarius, a gift from her deceased instructor, opens a door to hatred that is centuries old.

Falcon’s Angel is a paranormal romance of a love that ended in tragedy in eighteenth century England. That love is tested in a fight of good versus evil some two hundred years later.

Falcon’s Angel is available from multiple retailers:

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