Today’s Hero – Dalton Beck with Yvonne Harriott

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Yvonne Harriott is a member of Romance Writers of America. She has written two collections of short stories – a romantic collection entitled, “The Wedding and Other Short Romantic Stories” and “The Invitation and Other Short Stories – a dramatic collection. “Hide ‘N Seek” is her debut romantic suspense novel. The sequel, “Cat ‘N Mouse” was published at the end of August. Writing is her passion. Yvonne loves to travel. She has a sweet tooth, and simply can’t live without Lay’s potato chips!

Interview with Dalton Beck: My interview today is with Dalton Beck, CEO of Beck Security Systems. He’s been voted CEO of the Year by Magazine. That gets him on the front cover of the magazine and a full page article. And I got the honour of interviewing him. After the photo shoot, we walked back to his office. Not what I had expected for an executive office. It was the metal shelves and stacks of computer printouts that threw me.

DB: CEO of the Year, eh? (He sits directly across from me. I notice his shirt is unbuttoned at the neck. I can’t help but stare at the scars at the base of his neck, almost blending in with his chestnut brown skin.)

YH: Yes. (Quickly, I shift my eyes to meet his penetrating dark gaze and I swear my heart skipped a beat. He knows where I was staring. He doesn’t say anything. Perhaps he’s used to it.) Your resume is pretty impressive. You graduated from university with top honours, MBA. You’re one of the youngest CEOs that we’ve given this award to. You support numerous charities. Your track record is very impressive. A few years ago no one had ever heard of Beck Security Systems. Now your company is making waves in the security industry.

DB: Is there a question in there? (He smiles. The phone on the desk rings and he informs his assistant to hold his calls for the next twenty minutes.)

YH: (I laugh because I can’t help myself. I should get my act together and follow my notes instead of drooling over the man.) Why the security business? Your father is a chef and your stepmother is an interior designer. None of their skills rubbed off on you?

DB: Why not the security business, Ms. Harriott? (Okay…so his family was not up for discussion.)

YH:  Please call me, Yvonne.

DB:  Yvonne, the crime rate is increasing across the country at an alarming rate. (He quotes statistics and hands me a folder.) Our clients tell us they want to feel safe in their homes. (He leans forward resting his elbows on the desk and I swear the muscles rippled in his chest. Focus on his words not his body.) We provide top of the line security systems to all of our clients.

YH:  What about the rumour that the security systems your company has been installing are malfunctioning? I hear you’ve hired Brooks Investigations to troubleshoot the problem.

DB: I didn’t think your magazine participated in rumour, Ms. Harriott. (His eyes narrow. Suddenly I feel the cold chill of his dark gaze.)

YH: I thought you might want to address that.

DB: Nothing to address.

YH: (I glance down at my notes.) Describe your typical work day?

DB: There’s no such thing as a typical work day for me. My day begins at 5:00 am with an hour workout at the gym or on my treadmill at home, depending on what I have on the go that day. I’m in the office by 7:00 am. I pretty much work until I complete what I have on my agenda for that day. I’m on 24/7.

YH: When do you find time to play?

DB: Define play? (He smiles at me and I’m thinking red silk sheets.)

YH: What do you do to unwind? Come on, you’re successful and you seem to play hard. You really don’t expect me to believe you’re on “24/7”?

DB: I exercise to unwind. I travel when I find the time.

YH: What does your family think of your work schedule? (I’m fishing again.)

DB: My wife died in a boating accident a long time ago. Since then, I’ve devoted all my time to building my company. (His phone rings again. He picks it up and then checks his watch. He flicks a glance in my direction. My twenty minutes are definitely up.)

YH: That’s it for my questions. May I still get a tour of the building and meet some of your employees?

DB: Yes. Please see my assistant on your way out. I have asked her to assist you in that regard.

YH: Great. Thank you for your time, Mr. Beck.

DB: Ms. Harriott… (He gets up and walks me to the door. He raises an inquiring brow.)

YH: Yes. You can see a copy before it goes to print, but I get to choose the picture on the front cover of the magazine. (He smiles and we shake hands. I almost gasp as a tingle runs up my arm. I am a journalist and must keep my cool. When I finally turn and walk away he closes the door behind me.)

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Hero – Dalton Beck with Yvonne Harriott

  1. I read this book and I thought it was a delicious time out from my every day. Dalton was tasty and the book kept me turning the page. Good job.

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