Two Heroes – John and Tal with Alexa Day

My book, Project NSA, really has two heroes – John March and Tal Crusoe. At first, I thought it would be difficult to schedule the two of them for one interview, since they both stay pretty busy. As it happens, the scheduling problem lies with me. I had to keep pushing my appointment with the two of them back until I finished working on their story. Now that it’s ready to submit, I’m finally able to sit down with the two of them for a couple of questions, but I had to do it here in my office.

John’s in pharmaceutical research; he’s got neuroscience in his bones. I hate to say that he’s tall, dark and handsome, but with that swimmer’s build, hair the color of mahogany and big brown eyes behind those glasses of his, well … the description fits. He got here right on time, looking very sharp in his sports jacket and slacks with a crease sharp enough to draw blood. He gave me a hand clearing off some places for us all to sit, and then we chatted for a while about cortisol, which is generated by stress and can contribute to weight gain – unless one controls it with supplements, green tea … or orgasms.

This is where Tal showed up. A few minutes late, but just in time to hear the word “orgasm.”

Tal used to play baseball when he was at UVa. Now he’s a personal trainer with a gym in Jackson Ward neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. He looks like he just stepped off a box of Wheaties, blond and blue-eyed with a powerful, athletic shape under a painted-on T-shirt and weathered jeans. When he catches me and John in mid-conversation, he lets up a mischievous bedroom chuckle and asks, “Now, what are y’all talking about?”

It’d be easy to describe these two as the brains and the brawn, but I don’t think that’s fair. Tal’s been running his own business very successfully for years, and John … well, there’s more to John than meets the eye, and plenty meets the eye.

So what’s their story? John explains it better than I do.

JM: The project I’m working on right now is an oxytocin suppressant for women. It’s really very exciting.

AD: So what is oxytocin?

JM: Oxytocin is a bonding hormone. It causes women to feel connected to their sex partners.

AD: Why would you want to suppress that? Isn’t that good?

JM: Yes and no. You ever find yourself connected to someone and then when it’s all over, you’re like, ‘I can’t believe I was that involved with such a jackass’?

AD: Yeah, not talking about me.

JM: Sorry.

AD: I have heard about that happening, though.

JM: Right. So oxytocin is basically the reason women can’t have one-night-stands. Impulse – that’s what we’re calling it – suppresses oxytocin. So you – or whoever – could do whatever you wanted and walk away afterwards with no emotional side effects. If it works. We’re still testing it.

AD: What about men? Is there an oxytocin suppressant for men?

TC: I’ll take this one. We don’t need an oxytocin suppressant. Oxytocin makes the sex better for men. Keeps us playing the field. Right?

JM: That’s it exactly.

TC: See? I bet you thought I wasn’t paying attention.

AD: Wait, you said you were still testing it. How’s that coming?

JM: Well, I was having some trouble getting my test subjects to tell me what sex was like without the oxytocin bond. So … I kind of enlisted my best friend, Grace, to help me out.

AD: Help you how?

TC: Grace and I are fuck buddies. Basically, she takes some Impulse, and then she comes to … see me. Then she goes back to John.

JM: To report on the experience.

TC: You know, I know what your little plan really is. It’s not going to work. If you’re waiting for Grace to say, hey, I somehow want to stop having no strings attached sex with my buddy, you might want to get comfortable in that chair. Maybe have a snack.”

AD: This might seem like a dumb question, but John, why aren’t you doing what Tal’s doing?

TC: That’s not a dumb question. I asked it myself.

JM: Well, what I have told everyone who has asked me this so far is that my little plan is not really above board. If anybody catches me giving these pills to someone I know so that I can get better test data … well, that’s it for me. No more job. No more career.

TC: In for a penny, in for a pound, is what I say.

JM: You say a lot of things that don’t hold water in the grown up world, Tal.

AD: So you seriously don’t want to test out this product with Grace? Even if you know – really know – there would be no strings attached?

JM: Grace and I have been friends for a really long time. We’re best friends. We’re so close to each other now, and something like this might end that forever. It’s just not worth it to me. Our friendship is too important. Besides, Grace doesn’t want …. No. It’s just a bad idea.

AD: Gentlemen. Is there anything else we need to know about this?

JM: If the book sells, we’re going to donate some of the proceeds to get Tal a shirt that fits.

TC: Oh, ho, Einstein! Did you make a joke?

JM: I’m full of surprises, Tal.

TC: I know you are. These folks probably think you’re shy. A wallflower. They think butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. I know better, though. You want to tell the good folks at home what else you have up your sleeve, or should I?

AD: Guys, the folks at home have to find out the hard way when the book comes out.

TC: All right. You’re the boss.

About the Author

Alexa Day writes interracial erotica and erotic romance. She’s on a mission to write an interracial romance novel in each of the romance subgenres (yes, including Regency). She won the Passionate Reads Pitch Contest in February 2011 with her pitch for Project NSA. (If you want, you can check out the first chapter at She’s just finished Project NSA and is looking forward to submitting it, but she likes Tal Crusoe’s tight clothes just the way they are.

You can catch up to Alexa on her website,, on Facebook at or on Twitter, where she is @alexajday.

I want to thank Alexa for stopping by and invite you all to check out her Romanticon photos on her site. She is having a blast!

2 thoughts on “Two Heroes – John and Tal with Alexa Day

  1. Thanks for hosting us, Vallory! I’m glad these two were on their best behavior. There has been friction between them in the past, and Grace has been the subject of many an argument.

    Speaking of good behavior, I’m glad you enjoyed the Romanticon photos! Good behavior is very much discouraged at Romanticon. 🙂

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