Today’s Hero – Dylan Bishop of Rainie’s Lake

Dylan and Rainie’s Turn to Talk

Rainie’s Lake by Brenda Woody & Steve Tindle

Thank you for joining us today as we chat with Dylan and Rainie on the porch at the cabin.  This is our first interview with characters and both let us know they wanted to chat! Now, we won’t allow them to give spoilers away, but we do hope you’ll come to love these two as we do. And we’re featuring a giveaway! Details below.

We’re sitting here enjoying the breathtaking view of the pine trees and the serene mountains. Dylan is making us coffee. He’s such the host! Rainie will be here soon. 

Later if you want to stretch your legs and walk about, you’ll probably find Rainie down by the lake. She wanders in the fog early mornings and before dusk. Be careful by the lake’s edge, the fog is thick and the water is freezing this time of year. The dock would be the safest place to stand and chat with her one on one.

Ah, here’s Dylan now with steaming mugs to go around. Thanks Dylan!

Brenda & Steve: Dylan, we hope you’re enjoying your vacation. Tell us a little bit about you and your job as an art instructor.

Dylan: You’re welcome and actually I am! Well, *chuckles* I’m really pretty boring. I love to fish so when I saw the ad for the cabin with the private dock, and the spectacular view, I knew this place was my destination. I teach at the local arts and design college within a few miles of my home. Every quarter, I have the pleasure of instructing very gifted students; about 15 to 20 in the class. I guess being one of the youngest instructors helps too. My students and I really connect.

Brenda & Steve: We did hear the fishing is good in these parts.What prompted this alone time?

Dylan: This vacation was long over due since I haven’t taken time for myself in four years. As you can see it’s a beautiful area for an artist to get the creative juices flowing. I hoped to find inspiration to put the brush to canvas and I did. *grins*

Brenda & Steve: We see the grin on your face. And here’s the reason! Hi Rainie, glad you could join us.

*Dylan stands and offers Rainie his chair*

Rainie: *smiles and sits, pulling the hood away from her head* Hi Brenda and Steve!

*Dylan rests his hand on her shoulder. Rainie places her hand over his, giving it a squeeze*

Brenda & Steve: Rainie, you’re from this area. Tell us a little bit about yourself and growing up here.

Rainie: I grow up in the next town. After I graduated from college, I returned and taught at the grammar school. My parents rented this cabin a few times when I was a little girl. I have wonderful memories of playing out by the dock and on the lake that I try to keep in the forefront of my mind because there’s a sad memory here too. *tightens her grip on Dylan’s hand*

Brenda & Steve:*sighs* We know there are good times and bad times here, so let’s keep the chat in a happy mode for now. Dylan, what was it about Rainie that drew you to her.

Dylan: *takes a lingering glance at Rainie* Her eyes captured me. They’re a beautiful green and get darker depending on her mood. Oh, and her smile which reaches her eyes first.  Ummm, her butt too; I loved watching her walk away but hoped she would always return. *winks at Rainie*

Brenda & Steve: That’s so sweet and romantic! Rainie, same question to you. What drew you to Dylan?

Rainie: *blushes* Dylan, you just had to add how much you liked my backside! Let’s see, he makes great coffee don’t you think! *laughs* His boyish good looks, sandy hair and his kindness.  I’ve never met a man as kind and giving as Dylan.

Brenda & Steve: Dylan, you did find your inspiration since you’ve been here. What are you going to paint?

Dylan: A portrait of Rainie, of course. I’ll hang it on the wall so if and when I return; she’ll always be in the cabin.

Brenda & Steve: (Brenda) *sniffs, noticing the sad look on Rainie’s face* Okay, I’m getting teary-eyed all over again. Rainie and Dylan, thank you for chatting with us today. We want to leave before the fog rolls in.

Rainie: *stands* Thank you Brenda and Steve. I need to take my walk near the lake. Dylan, we’ll work on the sketch later this evening? 

Dylan: *rises, takes Rainie’s hand and softly kisses her lips* Sure Rainie. Just a few more touches and I’ll be ready to paint. Bye Brenda and Steve, thanks for stopping by.

*Before walking towards their car, Brenda & Steve watch the intimate exchange between the lovers*

Taking a long over due vacation, Art Instructor, Dylan Bishop is eager to start his trip to the cabin in the mountains. When he saw the photo online with the rental ad, he knew this was his destination. Being drawn to the lake nestled behind the cabin with a private dock, Dylan hopes to regain his inspiration to paint.

His vacation takes an erotic turn when he meets Rainie Marks on a foggy morning by the dock. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. However, there is sadness and a mystery about her. Finding his inspiration, he sketches her one evening and unable to resist the passion that has sparked between them, Rainie and Dylan share a sensual night together.

When Rainie tells him the truth about her past and the lake, the mystery she hides unfolds. The key to everything is the lake. Will Dylan be able to help her put the past to rest?

~ A yummy erotic tale with paranormal features, I loved this book!~Adriana Kraft

~ This was an excellent story! Well-written with interesting characters, a great plot and wonderful descriptions. ~ Carol Conley, Voracious Reader

~ One of the best romance and mystery stories I ever read. ~Ray Sostre, After Dark Online

~ Woody and Tindle outshine themselves in this heartwarming story that will tug at your heartstrings. ~ Tonya Kinzer

Buy links:

Now that you’ve met Rainie and Dylan from Rainie’s Lake, we’d like to share a bit about our future releases.

We’re currently working on Triangle of Secrets, Book Two featuring Morgan, Vivian and Kirk. For those of you that read Book One, you’ve met Morgan and Kirk is Scott’s dad. Vivian is an old flame of Kirk’s. Ummm, makes for an interesting triangle; wouldn’t you say?

Scarlett’s Cowboy will be released later in the year. We’ve had this book on the burner long enough. On our blog, you can read an excerpt under the tab ‘Works in Progress’.

Savannah Dream’s, an Erotic Paranormal.

Newlyweds Jaque and Trevor move to Savannah after they find the perfect colonial house to live and open their Bed & Breakfast. But after they move in strange things start happening. Trevor is haunted with torrid dreams. Jaque is trying her best to ignore all the activity.

When they hire a medium, they meet Savannah; a young girl haunting the house. Is Savannah a welcomed spirit or will it become dangerous to keep her around?

Savannah’s Dream will be the first installment in our Haunted B&B Series.

And we have an erotic time travel in notes. No title yet, but we’ll give you a teaser!

Assistant Curator Layla Massri is ecstatic when she is asked to display and maintain the Hellenistic Egyptian exhibit; her first event to oversee at the DallasMuseum. The most appealing ancient artifact is Cleopatra’s beautiful chaise lounge. Layla, being half-Egyptain herself, is drawn to lie upon the chaise one night after the museum closes.

And we’re bringing Dylan back as well as another character in Rainie’s Gift.

Vallory, thank you for having us on your blog today. We’ll gift an eBook copy of Rainie’s Lake to TWO lucky commenters (coupon from Smashwords – format winners’ choice).

About the Authors:

Brenda Woody & Steve Tindle is a couple writing Erotica and Erotic Romance. Their stories give readers the perspective of both male and female point of view. Not all of their stories have a happy ever after ending, but the sex scenes are hot! Brenda & Steve love to explore different writing styles in the Erotic genre. With dark fantasies, ménage relationships, deep sexual desires and a bit of paranormal, they write erotic that is passionate and spellbinding.

Connect with Brenda and Steve online: 

One thought on “Today’s Hero – Dylan Bishop of Rainie’s Lake

  1. Hi Vallory! Thank you for featuring Dylan and Rainie. We can’t wait to finish TOS BK2 and Scarlett’s Cowboy so we can start writing about Dylan again. Fans wanted more – they really liked Dylan and Rainie. Although – spoiler here – when you read Rainie’s Lake, have tissues near by!
    Take care, ~Bren

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