Today’s Hero – Evan Hermes with Keshia Robertson

Flow Magazine editor has come to freelance videographer and business owner, Evan Hermes’ downtown office to see if he should be in the piece of “100 Top Bachelors Who’d We Love To Marry.” We’ve dressed him up in a suit for a potential cover with the rest of the men but I finally get to sit down and talk to him.

KR: Hello, Evan. Should we just skip the pleasantries and get down to what our readers really want to know?

I walk into his office with my best dress on but he doesn’t give me the same appreciative once over the rest of the men in the downtown core have given me. I walk over and shake his hand. He laughs.

 Evan: I think that your readers are going to be surprised. I got nominated by one of my interns but I’m still not quite sure what this role means.

KR: You just have to tell us what kind of proposal you would do for your dream girl? Have you ever proposed?

Evan came around in his seat and helped me into my chair before sitting down beside me.

Evan: I proposed to my girlfriend this New Year’s…but it didn’t go as planned.

KR: How come what happened?

If he proposed to me I think that I would faint with the ring on my finger. He’s steaming in his button down shirt and jeans.

Evan: I’ll just have to show a little bit more of my romantic side next time.

KR: You didn’t do the whole romantic event for her? You’re in trouble!

Evan shook his head as he ran a hand through his short brown hair.

Evan: I think people get a little bit too comfortable in love especially when they live together like me and my girlfriend do so though I thought marriage would be the final step, it didn’t feel as big of a transition as it should. Being romantic isn’t half of it; I’m aiming to sweep her off of her feet.

Evan shook his head as he ran a hand through his hair. I tried to keep my face from dropping but I think that a let a little pout out from my disappointment come out.

KR: You’re going to do really well with that.

Evan: Don’t sound too excited. I guess the fact that I’m getting engaged makes me a bad bachelor.

KR: At least you got competition with the national one this time around. What women would like to know from an attractive man is how they can get someone like him? How did your fiancée make you fall for her?

Evan: She didn’t have to do anything. The first moment I saw her in college, it was kind of a done deal. I just wanted to know how to make her stay beside me after she slipped underneath my umbrella as I walked to class that day. I don’t think I have ever had that kind of nerve with anyone that she showed on that day. She definitely is the kind of woman that a man has to wait for but once she shows up you have to make sure to be the first with a ring for her.

KR: Thanks so much for the interview, Evan and good luck with your future marriage. By the time the article comes out you would have already been engaged.

Evan: From your lips to Santa’s present sack.

Both Evan and I shake hands before I leave. After I wave goodbye to bachelor Evan, most likely married now, without turning back.

About Just As Good

(Release Date: November 17, 2012)

Evan Hermes traded in romance for pragmatism when he suggested marriage at their New Year’s Eve party to his girlfriend Kitt Preston. It was a “suggestion” which wasn’t well received by the love of his life. Though it’s taken him most of the year to figure out the perfect proposal, this time romance is front and center to obtain a yes!

Kitt has been in love with Evan ever since he asked her out during their first year of college. Tall, handsome, and a family man, Evan is the kind of person that most women would be falling over themselves to marry…but not her. Kitt is only willing to say yes to a marriage proposal that is worthy of their love and years together.

About Keshia Robertson

With homage to our favourite romantic comedies of the 90s, Keshia Robertson writes fresh sensual to erotic contemporary romance with a multicultural twist. When she isn’t crafting stories of sexy heroes and witty heroines you can find her on twitter @startswithakesh or on her website discussing her preferred writing techniques or the latest episode of a Korean drama.

Connect with Keshia online:


Twitter: @startswithakesh

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