The Perfect Costume for the Howloween Blog Hop

One of my favorite Halloween events is shopping for my family’s Halloween costumes. I was overruled this year and we won’t be going as the cast of Gilligan’s Island but as ninjas and angels. However, the Howloween Blog Hop has given me the chance to not only participate in a wonderful event but to outfit some of my favorite characters for Halloween!

Music for Her Soul’s Lena Spencer and Ethan Holden

Lena will be dressed as a flapper. She loves jazz and would love to show off her curvier figure. Plus she already has the flirty curls so she won’t need a wig.

Ethan will be dressed as a pirate. The eye patch will fit perfectly with the small scar that trails from the corner of his eye into his hairline and as a musician he’s already used to the stage make-up!

In The Moment’s Amber Grayson and Kevin Miller

Amber will be dressed as a Renaissance lady. The costume flows down to her feet without making it look like it had to be lengthened and the ties across her chest give her a night without the minimizer.

Kevin…well there was a discussion that began with – “Sweetpea, I ain’t wearing that.” Some negotiations…a few promises…a swat across the bottom or two and Kevin will be dressed in a kilt.

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To read the stories of the characters mentioned above, just click the covers below:

In The Moment – Amber and Kevin’s Story from Vallory’s Calliope

Music for Her Soul – Lena and Ethan’s Story from Amira Press

**Reviewers and bloggers receive complimentary copies of either book, just email me at t(dot)mailhes(at)yahoo(dot)com**

28 thoughts on “The Perfect Costume for the Howloween Blog Hop

  1. Actually, a family going as Gilligan’s Island might be fun! Less obvious than The Brady Bunch, if you have to pay homage to the Sherwood Schwartz oeuvre…


  2. Thanks for allowing us to Hop with You! And to those who live on the East Coast, please, take the necessary precautions with Sandy. It looks like a mean one.

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