Rethinking A Night at the Wesley

After getting my Nook, I discovered the many wonderful short stories out there. I love these quick little books and I can get through about five to seven every week. They are perfect for my daily train commute. Of course, the money I used to save on gas is now spent on books. But those are the woes of a reader!

Short stories are also a way for me to introduce my writing style to new readers for less than a cup of coffee.  My latest short, previously published in the KDP program at Amazon has been reworked (just a little) and republished on Smashwords.

I have enjoyed publishing on Smashwords but wanted to try another platform. After some research, I chose the KDP program. My thinking was that Amazon would provide more exposure for the story because of the lending program, the Amazon Prime program and the email recommendations. (I often get these and they recommend my books to me! LOL!). However after three months, I just didn’t see the results compared to similar works published on Smashwords in the same timeframe.

So I’ve moved back to Smashwords and will look at the results in the next three months. Since I’m in data analysis, I love this kind of stuff!

In this short story, Connie Atkinson is on vacation and ready to embrace her inner seductress in a five-star resort in Vail. However, a late deposition and a freak snowstorm derail her plans and she is forced to spend the night at the lackluster Wesley Hotel in downtown Detroit. 
In a gloomy mood, her spirits are lifted with the offering of a salaciously named cocktail and the appearance of her former college study partner, who didn’t think of her in that way. Since her divorce, Connie is opening herself up to new possibilities and a night with Noah Cohen has just made the top of her list.



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