Things I Don’t Know and Am Too Dumb to Ask

Earlier in the week, I posted about unpublishing A Night at the Wesley on Amazon and republishing on Smashwords. Thanks to Sharon Cooper‘s comment, I learned you could publish on both sites! Who knew?

Everyone but me!

So bloggers, readers, writers – let me know the other things I’ve missed in this indie publishing journey of mine.

I wish I had specific questions for you. Alas, I’m too dumb to ask.

However, I did publish one of my favorites, In the Moment, on Amazon.  Yay!

Amber Grayson is a very practical woman and an efficient office manager for a law firm. Since her failed engagement, she has become involved in a satisfying ménage affair with her elliptical machine and her vibrator. All is wonderful in her self-ordered world until she meets Kevin Miller.

Kevin is brash and handsome and looks like he just stepped off a movie set for a cowboy film. His attraction to the conservative Amber is immediate. These two light up the pages and manage to fall in love in the process.


“I’m not going to want to go home tomorrow, if you keep spoiling me like this.”

“You deserve to be spoiled.” He kissed the top of her head and pulled her shoulders back to his chest. She felt good wrapped in the fluffy robe and he brought his knees up to cradle her sides. “You want something else to drink?”

“No.” She rolled her head across his chest. “I don’t know what Keith put in those margaritas but I’m dizzy after two.”

She was laughing in the musical way that stirred him and worried him. Watching her over the past the few days, the brevity of their time together had settled over him.

Eight more weeks on the Bingham Art House and then what?

He nuzzled into her hair and squeezed her shoulders. “What do you want to happen after I’m done with the job?”

Her fingers stopped their twirling dance over his knees and her hands dropped to her lap. Only his hands over her shoulders stopped her from moving away. “What do you want?”

He turned her chin up to face him. Her eyes were wary and he was surprised. “Amber Grayson consulting before giving her answer! I need to bring you here more often.” He couldn’t help laughing she’d caught him off guard.

Amber twisted around, folding her long legs in front of her. “Stop laughing! What do you want? Do you want to keep seeing me?”

He inched forward so that his legs rested over hers and tilted her chin up. “I want to keep seeing you. Now, what do you want?”

“I’m okay with that.” She smiled coyly.

“You’re not gonna say it?”

“I did.” She raked her hand through her hair and tilted her head to side, peeking up at him through the curls. The look of anticipation in her eyes showed she knew exactly what she was doing to him.

“I know what you’re doing.”

“What?” she purred and leaned up to kiss his chin, grazing her long fingers down his neck.

His skin heated under the gentle push of her body against his and he reached instinctively to the loose tie holding the robe closed. “I’m gonna let this drop only because you’re about to be really accommodating to me.” He flipped her onto her back, her dark eyes blazing with desire, and kissed her.

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