April Alisa Marquette and Turnabout

Native New Yorker April Alisa Marquette was once a tutor for middle and high school students. Yet these days she shares her love for reading with adults. She writes detailed sagas depicting smart, sexy, multi-cultural people. Her dazzling debut novel Absolution,about a gay male and his three women friends is the first in The Cohort Trilogy. She has also written The Sea Isles Series, a captivating trilogy that has her currently tweaking Books II and III for 2013 release.

Today, she’d like to share with you her novel Turnabout from April Rain Publications which has been called steamy and powerfully erotic…

Turnabout by April Alisa Marquette: A frustrating & exhilarating romance; this love story encompasses family, friends and foes…   

Sexy Abigail takes care of everyone in her circle of family and friends. Ruggedly attractive Joseph would like them to become a couple. Yet conflicting emotions and other people —namely Abigail’s ex, keep them apart. Amid misfortune, and Abigail’s ex attempting to advance himself, can the seemingly star-crossed lovers pull through?

An excerpt from Turnabout:

Quickly he bent. Holding her beneath her arms, repeatedly he kissed the swell of breast just above her portrait collar. However, when his tongue sought her nipples, he backed away. “Gimme ten,” he said, although he needed a lifetime really, to love her.

When she was alone, Abigail hugged her self. She bit her lip, thinking forget it, all that had just transpired, especially the intense heat. She needed to focus on the displayed measures of Joseph’s success. Then she would think straight.

She gazed at platinum albums and plaques. Yet her thoughts returned to the man in the adjacent room. She ran a finger over an EssenceAward, and ‘saw’ Joseph’s brown skin. She touched the Black Achiever’s Association award and was ‘touching’ Joseph. She eyed a certificate from ASCAP, and numerous AMA’s and a Grammy, and recalled sexy saying that each next award brought more demands for his services. How she needed his ‘services.’

Abigail sighed. No more thinking about slipping out of her dress, and tiptoeing through those doors. No more picturing herself nude and slipping into Joseph’s shower… His mouth would be on hers, as water sluiced over them. With his big hands at her sides, he would slide down her body, and his mouth would trail heat over her breasts, her belly…

Oh! Abigail looked up and her eyes widened, because she was not supposed to have actually entered his cozily lit mosaic tiled lavatory!

Joseph saw her, as glistening, he exited the doorless shower. He watched her eyes travel from his parted lips, to his sparse haired muscular chest. He watched them round when they traveled lower, passing his taut belly to take in his extended formidable male member.

Abigail licked her lips, as forgetting his towel, Joseph crossed to her. Her hands rose. Her palms rested on his chest as he pulled her close. She got stuck again, this time not by thorns, but by his throbbing male staff. Wanton, she moved against him, as he took her mouth with his own. He forced hers wide, as he gave her his very big tongue. He kissed her like he was hungry and had not eaten since who knew when.

Then before she knew, with skilled musician’s fingers, he had her dress at her waist, her thighs parted, and the crotch of her teddy aside. Suckling a needy nipple through the fabric of her dress, Joseph also slipped a middle finger into…her heat…

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