A Miller Tradition – A Christmas Short

Yes, I’m just as bad as the stores!

I’ve been so surprised and excited about the popularity of my novella, In the Moment. It has changed a lot since its first publication in March 2012 as a 6000 word short story. Now it is available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble as a 13,000 word novella.

If you’re not familiar with the Amber and Kevin saga, it began with a flash fiction piece entitled Rainy Day Surprise which details an afternoon encounter between the two lovers.

Then came the ever growing In the Moment – the story of how these two got together in the first place.

Now there’s A Miller Tradition. This flash fiction piece is available on Goodreads.

I’ll also be giving away print copies as part of the Black Friday Blog Hop on November 23, 2012 so make sure you stop by for your chance to win!

So what’s next for these two? Yes, there will be a full length novel available in 2013. I’m very nervous about this project because I want to get it right. Amber and Kevin deserve the best!

Author’s Note:

For the readers who have asked about Heather and Keith. They’ll have a hot short available in Summer 2013. I’m still working out their details because Heather is a handful!

Happy Reading!

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