Vincent Guidry…Part I

I got a call from Eddie Bordelon this morning. He wanted to know if I could make a quick trip up to Baton Rouge today for a freelance writing gig, since I was visiting New Orleans for the holiday.

I said no. The fifty dollars for the assignment would only be used to buy gas and pecan logs. It wasn’t worth it. He tried to sweetened the deal with a detailed description of the assignment – the chance to meet the developer of The Northern Bluffs. The twenty-three acre development is supposedly the premier example of the new urbanism movement in the South, combining office, living and entertainment spaces into a single cohesive design. In essence, a village within a city. Interesting. But not interesting enough for the 90 minute drive.

Then Eddie gives me his coup de gras! (I’m enjoying being back in the Crescent City.) The developer is Vincent Guidry!

I’ve had a crush on him since the first time he stepped on the field as quarterback for the Oklahoma City Stallions! Local boy done good and so freaking good-looking it just wasn’t right.

No wonder, I ended up sitting in an anteroom. All the buildings had a similar look so I didn’t know if I was in living or office space. The room itself was all white – white walls, white fluffy rug, two armless white leather chairs. (There weren’t any kids running around in here.) The only color in the room was from a shadow box on the far wall, showcasing memorabilia from Vincent’s days as quarterback for LSU.

I was tempted to look, but the heavy steps over the marble floors kept me in place. And the large man with crystal blue eyes had me squirming in my seat and fumbling with my recording equipment. Thank you, Eddie!

Vincent Guidry: Ms. Vance, it’s a pleasure to meet you. (His hand practically swallowed mine.)

VV: (Y’all know I was scrambling for words. Luckily, Eddie already had the questions printed. All I had to do was ask. I didn’t even have to write anything down.) Thank you. Let’s get started.

VG: Before we do, I didn’t receive my copy of the questions prior to this interview. (He has a deep southern accent that lifts his declarations into questions.)

VV: (I scan the questions quickly. It’s all the regular stuff – football, business, charity work.) I’m sorry. Eddie was supposed to send the questions over. But it is pretty pedestrian.

VG: Okay. If there’s something I don’t want to answer, I won’t.

VV: (One look into those baby blues, twinkling below his dark brows and everything’s fine with me.) That’s fine. Let’s just get started…

Check back with me tomorrow and find out how my interview goes awry. For once it isn’t all my fault.

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