The New Year Approaches – 2013

I hope your holiday went well. Mine was spent in South Carolina with my brother and his family and we had a great time. I often complain that my three kids are too loud. However after spending a week with five excited children, there’ll be no complaining from me for a while!

Because there were the grandparents who wanted to spend time with their grandkids, I also got some time alone to write and reflect.

I enjoying writing – bringing characters to life from a snippet of an overheard conversation or song verse and creating a world for them to inhabit. I enjoy working on my craft so that someday I can become a very good (dare I say great?) writer.

I’ve come to enjoy marketing. It has lead me to some very good reads and I’ve virtually met some awesome writers! That has been so cool for me.



Publishing? Lately, that has left a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t mind criticism. As I said, I want to be good at this. But I’ve seen some things that my gut tells me don’t fall into constructive criticism. And as a published writer, I can’t call people on their suspected BS even here in my own little corner of the blogosphere.

So I’m seriously considering not publishing beyond my 2013 commitments. While I complete my projects in the next four to six months, I won’t be around much. But know that you can always drop me a line at t(dot)mailhes(at)yahoo(dot)com, I’m still an avid reader and honest feedback good or bad is always appreciated about my writing!

Happy New Year ~Val

3 thoughts on “The New Year Approaches – 2013

  1. I’ve been getting some very NOT helpful feedback too. I don’t understand when editors decided it was okay to be snarky. It’s called constructive criticism for a reason people. If you’re mean about it, I’m not learning anything.
    Glad you had a nice holiday. Happy New Year. I’ll stop by for the New Years blog hop on Tuesday.

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