January 2013 Status Update

This year on the blog, I thought I’d start a monthly update about my goals for the year. I hope this gives me some motivation to complete them since I’m writing them out into the universe.magic pen (series C)

Organization: My entire house needs to be organized. This is in the thinking stages. Hopefully next month there’ll be something concrete to post.

Exercise: I’m exercising! I’m going to RomCon 2013 in June and want to sit by the pool in a bathing suit. Since gravity has taken a toll on me in the last decade. I’ve got some work to do. You can see the full post over at Luscious Literaries!

Writing: My goal is to complete four long works. I don’t want to call them novels because they may not end of that long. Here is where I am:

Deja Vu – The follow up to Cheers is at 53000 words and in the second draft stage, I hope to have the first chapters into my critique group this weekend.

WIP/Amber and Kevin – Currently at 44000 words, no title, more work to do. It just isn’t right. I hope to spend February working on this.

A Loving Affair – The second story in the Rose Gold Collection. This is an outline of 13000 words and a few scenes written in a notebook. Got to get that moved over to computer.

Dulce Means Sweet – The third story in the Rose Gold Collection. This is also in a notebook. No outline but character analyses completed and a few scenes.

Let’s hope I’m further along next month!


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