Busily Typing Away

I’ve been busy rewriting the follow up to Darcey St. Claire’s short story and haven’t had much time for the blog. Heavy sigh.

So I thought I’d pop in today and give you a little sneak peek of what I’ve done so far:

“Darcey, Darcey!” Cat’s shrill yell echoed through the nearly empty lobby almost as loudly as the clop of clunky heels.

She laughed softly at Cat’s mad dash across the floor to the employee elevators. As the mentor for Cat’s year-long internship in the hotel’s hospitality program, she had come to love the young woman’s exuberance, even if she had to constantly counsel her about the heavy shoes.

“I can’t believe you’re going out with Vin…” blurted Cat.

And her big mouth! “Catalina!”

Sleeping with a client was a Hayden rule that even she couldn’t get away with breaking. It was covered under the ethical clause of her contract right next to insider trading and was grounds for immediate termination.

She grabbed the bag with one hand and her friend’s arm in the other and jerked them both into the elevator.

The doors had barely closed on the descent to the lower level offices and Cat was yelling again. “The Vincent Guidry! Darcey, my whole family went to LSU and he’s like a god there. Not to mention winning the Superbowl. Twiiii-ce. And he’s….”

“That’s enough!” Before the elevator doors could open fully, she was dragging Cat and her bag down the corridor past sales’ assistants to her office. She pushed the door closed with a soft click and shushed the pink-cheeked Cat who seemed poised to begin another squealing rant.

“I haven’t decided if I’m going yet.”

Cat pointed to the bag. “But you’re packed.”

“I can still change my mind.” Three days ago, her hair was a shimmering reddish brown bringing out the caramel tones of her skin and today it was a shiny blue-black highlighting her copper eyes.

Change was the trademark of her personality.

Incomprehension rippled across her friend’s face as if Cat was hearing an alien language.

“He’s just a guy.”

A really hot guy. With some amazing abilities…and stamina…and…Ohhh.

Damn it, she had to stop thinking about him. There was a sixth consecutive highest bonus award she wanted and in the lull, when her teammates were vacationing or “working from home”, was how she was going to get it.

“Have a seat, Cat. I’m going to teach you how to create a killer party designed for a knobby-kneed retiring judge.” She flung her shawl onto her chair and flipped on her computer, pushing away thoughts of Vincent’s fingers slipping under the hem of her dress while a sultry singer’s voice unknowingly began a chorus that had serenaded her into the heavens.

Cheers (1)Hope you enjoyed! I’ve got to rewrite three chapters today to keep me on track. And if you haven’t read Darcey and Vincent’s short, check them out on All Romance for free through January 31, 2013.


2 thoughts on “Busily Typing Away

  1. Just read ‘Cheer’s’and was very glad that there will be a follow-up. I like the characters and can’t wait what awaits them.
    Keep it up. Like the sneak peak..

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