The Proposal – Prelude to the Wedding

I love weddings – the ceremony, the dress, the reception! The planning is a pain in the butt, however the results can be magical.

71011-20130209But before there is a wedding, there is the proposal. Typically this is the guy’s domain. And honestly I don’t know how they come up with their ideas. Do they consult other guys over a beer or while watching a football game? (I’ll have to research that.)

Anyway, whomever consulted with my husband wasn’t very good.

We were in our tiny living room, smushed together on our tiny sofa drinking iced coffee. We were discussing our upcoming vacation at a resort on the Gulf Coast and hubby-to-be says – And we could get married before we leave. He then literally jams a ring down on my finger. Plastic coffee cups are teetering all over the place.

Who says yes to that? Me. The only thing that saved him was the fact that his voice was trembling and his face had paled as he waited for me to say something. So I said yes and nearly twenty years later, I don’t regret my answer. Even if it was the most unromantic proposal ever!

After my writing for the year is done, maybe I’ll start on an e-guide to proposals so that no one has else has spilled ice coffee as a proposal memory.

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