Claire’s Journey by Cecile Duval

I don’t write romance. Claire Saunders and Gerard Pontillier spoke to me. I dictated their story. Electronic publishing platforms gave them to the world. C’est tout!

a beautiful vintage mirrorClaire Saunders is searching for something…anything to make one more night in a business class hotel bearable. An internet search in the wee hours of the morning brings her to The Blackbird Group, an organization that links like-minded individuals. What she really wants is unclear but with the help of a young man, looking to relive his first sexual experience with his sister’s Somali nanny, she may have found what she needed all along.


Littleton, South Carolina

Gerard Pontillier, walked alone back to his house. The fun on the beach was not what he was looking for now. His friends would understand and attribute his sudden departure to homesickness. Since returning from Vancouver two weeks ago, he had been noticeably sullen.

Of course, missing his family was not the reason. There had been no messages from Kandi. He had searched the site almost hourly for any sign that she had been active.

Stupid kiss.

He would most likely never see her again. She was probably turned off and afraid. There was something more intimate about kissing than fucking and being fucked. Especially the kissing they’d done – long slow deep caresses. That was something you shared with a lover not a dominant for hire. He’d crossed the line.

He circled through the rooms of the small beach house and wound up where his feet were surely taking him all along. To his bedroom….to his desk…to his computer.

The Blackbird site was pinned to his search bar and he only had to tap the mouse and enter his password. He immediately clicked Kandi’s profile.

She was now at a little over nine hundred views. Twelve more than she’d had this morning. She was not in the top profiles of those interested in black women for the Blackbird crowd, they wanted younger and curvier.

His fantasy, though, had evolved from his first experiences with his sister’s Somali nanny. For his eighteenth birthday, Lina had given an awkward gangly teenager the best gift of all times. She’d let him watch her masturbate while he jerked off over her. During the next few years, Lina had taught him well.

He had been despondent when his parents decided that his sister no longer needed supervision. Lina was gone. Though they kept in touch through emails, it was never the same. He had found the Blackbird group in a search after a dreadful night with his latest girlfriend when his thoughts had once again turned to Lina.

Now his thoughts turned to Kandi and he brought up their previous conversations – all the things he wouldn’t get to enjoy doing to her.

He slipped his cock out of the swim shorts and began stroking himself as he read. He jerked himself into the memory of exploding inside her.

Dark Pleasures – Claire’s Journey is available through March 25, 2013 as a free download from Smashwords with coupon code BV65E.

Hot Reading, Y’all! ~Val

(BTW, I designed the cover! Yay, me.)

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