Jungle Love and Cookie Sales

It’s a busy weekend for this writer mom.

I celebrated with a friend last night for her fortieth and got home at the very late hour of midnight. We hit several clubs and ended the night at the Blue Martini, a bar with live music. The band did covers of songs from our original partying days like Roseanna and Push It. With the exception of a few youngsters, everyone in the bar, knew all the lyrics and the dances and we were laughing and having a great time.

What’s not so great? I was back up at 7:45 am preparing for two days of selling cookies in front of grocery stores and home improvement stores. We’ve finished our first round the day and then we’re back out there later in the evening.

And wouldn’t you know it, my sleeping muse decided to wake up and demand attention. I’ve been poking her for weeks that I’m ready to work on my next piece and nothing. But since like one of my children, I can’t say no to her. I’ll be working for the next few hours instead of napping.

So for all you other busy writing moms out there, remember when we were dancing to this?

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