Sexy Romances in a Flash

As many of you know, I am a fan of mysteries. Ask my husband and he’ll tell you that I’ll find an unsolved case in the newspaper and immediately imagine myself as the lead detective. To date, he has successfully restrained me from calling the police station and giving my insight.

But for reading purposes, I don’t normally  go for the hard-hitting, gritty crime story. I prefer cozy mysteries. It started with The Cat Who series and today encompasses authors like Nora DeLoach and Diane Mott Davidson.

How do I find my next series? I buy anthologies – collections of stories within a genre often with a common theme. As a reader, I’ve used this technique to find my next new author of the mystery genre. Over the years, I’ve collected and have been led in many different directions. I get to see the style of other writers and determine if I’d like to read more of their works. For me, it’s has been wonderful.

100836-20121209-001_HotFlashesNow mind you until I submitted a story, I didn’t know that hot romantic shorts were grouped together in anthologies! So I was both surprised and elated to know that my flash fiction piece was to be included in Hot Flashes, Volume 1 – a collection of hot, sexy shorts of 1000 words or less- published by Breathless Press.

The Artist by Vallory Vance

After weeks of sketching Elise’s nude form, Jacques can no longer contain his desire for the flirty grad student.


Elise vigorously rubbed her wrists over her hardened nipples.

“Ay-lizze!” Jacques bellowed from beyond the screen.

“Fine!” She didn’t bother to cover herself with the short robe and stomped over to the divan, posing herself as he had for the last session. Propped on an elbow with her hand stretching down to her thighs and one leg crossed over the other to hide the thong from view.

“Smile pretty. I am paying you.” He chuckled, rolling his chair behind the easel.

The sound tickled over her and settled between her crossed legs. “Je m’excuse.”

“Your accent is terrible” He rolled from behind the easel and skimmed his eyes down the length of her body. “I wonder what you and Bernard do during your lessons.”

“I bet you do.” She lowered her voice into her throat.

Jacques promptly disappeared behind the canvas. After enduring his relentless teasing during her first few uncomfortable sessions, it was good to know that if she couldn’t flirt her way past his icy exterior at least she could silence him.

She had been thrilled when her French tutor, Bernard, had promised a meeting with the famous Jacques Aristide and speechless when she’d seen him up close. He’d looked as if he’d just stepped out of a painting. Now those electric blue-gray eyes were making a nightly appearance in her dreams.

If you’ve never tried an anthology of erotic romance before, leave me a comment (just say hi if you like) and I’ll gift an electronic copy of Hot Flashes, Volume 1 on March 15, 2013 to one random commenter. Don’t forget to leave your email address for a chance to win.

Hot Flashes, Volume 1 can be purchased from the Breathless Press website, All Romance and Amazon.

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